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15 May 2016 @ 02:33 am
Hello Minna!

Sharing my experience in Nagoya. Detailed tour report can be found in my journal:

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Feel free to comment and add me as a friend! :D
06 May 2016 @ 03:01 pm
Hello minna! Does anybody know here if i can line up for tour goods one day ahead of the date in my ticket? I have a may 8 ticket for quartetto tour but i want to buy the goods one day ahead of time.

Calling out to all chankapaana in Surabaya and surrounding areas,
Let's watch NEWS WHITE DVD and have fun together! :)

Date : 30th April 2016
Location : Unicorn Mini Studio Jl. Manyar Kertoadi No.81G, Surabaya
Fee : IDR 20.000 (+merchandise)
For more information please contact Fatim (085648235566) or Elly (085649156182)

We're also inviting you to join our LINE group, please contact me on LINE (ID : alalara) to join :) 
Hello Minna! I'm trying to collect old videos that I wasn't able to get hold of during my 5-year hiatus in fandom. I would like to request for a link or re-upload of the following videos:

Touch DVD 2005
Life of NEWS
Shisso - Dead Run -
Shabake 2007

For your kind assistance please! :D

Sharing the listing of videos, subs, translations and scans updated to the community for the week -  Mon, Apr 4  to Sun, Apr 10.  As always, you just need to join koyashigedake to see these entries and everyone is welcome.

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28 March 2016 @ 12:43 pm
Hello Minna!

I'm in the process of collecting NEWS guestings that I have missed during my 5-year hiatus. would like to ask if anybody here have an english subbed copy of NEWS' guesting in Shounen Club Premium way back 2012? will be very grateful! onegaishimasu!!
27 March 2016 @ 12:16 am

22 March 2016 @ 08:12 pm
Hello, I'm till new to the fandom and I'm looking for the subbed documentary of the 2012 tour (there are 2 of them If I'm not mitaken). I'm sorry if I have caused any inconvenience but I already contacted miss aitamashii and she hasn't replied or befriended me yet. If you still have the download links to the documentary could you send me those? I'd be so grateful, thank you in advance. <3
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There's still time to get involved in the International Uchiwa project. Come help us make an uchiwa to represent the international paanas, to then be taken into a concert venue.

The second phase of the uchiwa fan project is open for one more week.
To submit design ideas and for your chance to win a group shop photo set from the upcoming tour, please get involved.

Phase 2 - Uchiwa design competion
explanation page here

Fan project masterpost
Full description of the project here
Late submissions for Phase 1 are still being accepted, please feel free to join.