[Report] Johnnys Countdown 2019-2020 Report

I was lucky enough to hit for the Countdown this year, whoo! Since not a lot of people get to go in person, and they do cut parts out of broadcast, I thought I'd share my experience here. Warning that I do have a bias for Arashi, Kis-my-ft2, Hey!Say!JUMP, SixTONES and NEWS, so they'll be the focus, but I do mention a bit from most groups that attended~

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Massu to Appear in a WOWOW Drama Starting March 2020


It was announced on Dec 23 that Massu will be appearing in a drama series by satellite TV station WOWOW. "Pareto no Gosan ~Case Worker Satsujin Jiken~" (Pareto's Miscalculation ~The Murder of A Caseworker~), a 5-episode human suspense drama serial, will start airing from March 2020. Based on the novel "Pareto no Gosan", actress Hashimoto Ai will be playing the leading role, Makino Satomi, a temporary staff at the Welfare Department of a municipal office. Massu will be acting as one of her co-workers, Onodera Junichi, who, together with Satomi, gets drawn into the darkness behind the town, uncovered by the sudden discovery of a senior they both respect at work, burnt and dead in an apartment.

The first episode will be free for all to watch, but the remaining episodes will only be made available to WOWOW subscribers.

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Source: Oricon