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22 May 2018 @ 08:51 am

For those who follow NEWS, you might know they have released a new pictorial Otome game in March. Only took me until now to decide to install it after seeing the ad in one of those NEWS TV Programs

To play this game:

— Your Android or IOS must be in JAPAN region and tied to a JAPAN issued credit card

— If you have played games like "100day Princess (100日間のプリンセス)" the workings is exactly the same, I would even say it's a face-lift!

A little review after 2 days playing this:

1) This is a "PAY to WIN" game and I hate these games!! I am not even sure if  I can even finish 1 story using free items

2) Story is very otome game trope but it's kinda nice to bother your favorite NEWS members but I feel weird doing this

Anyone else in this community played the game yet? If so what are your thoughts? I need some people to rant to!!


It was announced during the afternoon concert at Saitama today that NEWS will be having a 15th anniversary concert on Aug 11 & 12 at Ajinomoto Stadium.
They also announced that "BLUE" will be released on Jun 27.

We don't have any more details as of now, but will come back with more once we have them.
Let's all go pop some champagne in the meantime!

Another piece of news that can't wait till we get back with the weekly summaries - Tegoshi's going to be main caster for World Cup 2018 on NTV, with NEWS providing the theme song!
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Hi, I'm selling a NEWS Uchiwa ($3) and some official NEWS Shop Photos ($1/each). I am also selling a lot of other out of print JE goods for super cheap, ranging from $1 to $25.

Please check out my sales post at my journal here: https://puchiro.livejournal.com/33144.html

We know we said our schedules don't allow for the usual NEWS news this week, but we can't possibly let this piece of news wait another week - Massu's getting a play!

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