28th Single "Mirai e/ReBorn" Release

It was announced on October 8th that NEWS’ 28th single will be released on November 17th. It will be a double A side single “Mirai e/ReBorn”.

“ReBorn” is the opening theme of the second season of anime “Hanyo no Yashahime” which started airing on Oct 2nd on NTV, and “Mirai e” is the theme song for Shige’s drama “Nigatsu no Shosha” which will start airing on Oct 16, also on NTV.

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[Translation] NEWS in BAILA homme August 2021


To celebrate NEWS 18th anniversary, we'd like to share the translation of NEWS in "BAILA homme"! In this magazine, each of them answered 10 questions, which is 30 questions and answers in total. The questions are all light and refreshing so we can get to know what items Koyama always brings in his bag, things Shige would bring when on an uninhabited island, or Massu's way of spending the ideal day off.

Check out the translation HERE!

Hope you enjoy it!
Happy 18th Anniversary, NEWS!


REQUEST: Lyrics Translation — Story Album


I looked through the old posts and could not find any translation of the songs from their Story album.

I would like to request English and Romaji translation of the following songs please:



-Stay With Me



-New Story

-Champagne Gold (Triple A Single — not in the Story album)

If you already have translations of the other songs in the album/single, please share it with me too. Thank you so much!! :)