Masumasu Radio to be renewed this April to Masumaru Radio and New KoyaShige TV Show

It was announced at the end of Mar 24th's episode of "Masumasu Radio" that the programme will be renewed to "Masuda Takahisa・Nakamaru Yuichi no Masumaru Radio" from April onwards. As the title suggests, KAT-TUN's Nakamaru will be added to the programme as a new regular and host the programme together with Massu and Sakura.

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Then on the Mar 26th episode of “NEWS Na Futari”, it was confirmed that it was the final episode and that the show would be ending after roughly five years. However, it will be replaced by a new show called “NEWS no Zenryoku! Making” also starring Koyama and Shige which will air at 12:50am on Friday nights starting on Apr 30th.

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Some additional recent updates:

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[Project] Koyama's 37th Birthday Fanletter Project

“For being able to be by my side right now, thank you!”
(NEWS - Happy Birthday)

Koyama’s 37th birthday is coming! In current condition, sending fanletters to JFC may be difficult for some countries. That’s why, we’d like to gather everyone’s birthday wishes to Koyama through this project!

Please check the details below:

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Let’s send birthday wishes and be part of Koyama’s magical and special day that happens only once a year!


Koyama to be a regular on MBS programme "Yonchan TV"

It was announced on Mar 22nd that Koyama will be a Monday regular for an all new infotainment programme, “Yonchan TV” on MBS. The programme will begin on Mar 29th, and will be taking the 3:40pm - 7:00pm timeslot. Koyama will be appearing twice a month on Mondays. Comedians Milkboy were also announced to be Monday regulars alongside Koyama. Yabu (Hey! Say! JUMP) will also be appearing on the programme, but as a Thursday regular. “Yonchan TV” is a programme that will be available only in the Kansai region.

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"Alternate" Wins 42nd Yoshikawa Eiji Literary Award For Newcomers

It was announced on Mar 2nd that “Alternate” has won the 42nd Yoshikawa Eiji Literary Award For Newcomers, along with “Aisarenakutemo betsu ni” by Takeda Ayano. The award is given to new writers who have released their work between the period of Jan 1st to Dec 31st 2020, and who shows the most potential (as a writer).

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NEWS no All Night Nippon Premium - Translation

Hello, I translated last week's All Night Nippon, since it was the first radio programme of 3-nin. But I might have gone a little overboard, because the translation ended up becoming really long, and I had to split it over two entries.

They read listener mails (both comments and "My First NEWS") over the course of the programme, so I'll just highlight the special segments below.

Part 1: 5:40pm - 8pm
- Songs from NEWS they'd like people to listen to now
- Episodes of memorable meals
- Tonchiki songs (NEWS/Johnny's)
- Final line novel

Part 2: 8pm - 9:20pm
- Johnny's support songs
- Dandiest adult

Enjoy! :)

NEWS Live Tour STORY 2020 - Latest Tour Dates Announced

On Feb 10th, the tour dates for STORY were announced via JFC email and Johnny's net. This will be a physical tour, and the audience will likely be capped at either 5,000 or 50% of the venue capacity, as Johnny's announced earlier in their concert guidelines (in Japanese) released earlier this week. It was also mentioned in the FC email that the final show at Aichi will be streamed live, though no details about the stream have been released at the moment.

Tickets are priced at JPY 8,200 each and FC members can log in from now till Feb 17th, 17:00 JST to ballot.

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Sources: Johnny's net, FC email

Alternate Nominated for the 42nd Yoshikawa Eiji Literary Award for Newcomers

It was announced on February 2nd that Shige’s latest novel “Alternate” has been nominated for the 42nd Yoshikawa Eiji Literary Award for Newcomers. This is the third major nomination “Alternate” has received following the Naoki Prize and then the Japan Booksellers' Award. “Alternate” did not end up winning the Naoki Prize, which went to “Urasabishigawa” by Saijo Naka.

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