March 22nd, 2008


Myojo 2008.05 translations (ryopin parts)

Some ryopin and shigepi translations
(in which Shige makes the ryopin love seem even more stupidly cute and Yamapi loves Jin...'s house)

I got inspired by this post (cutest thing ever ♥), so when I saw the latest Myojo's scans (posted by aya-takarai) and it was full of ryopin (my not-so-secret OT3), I had to translate the ryopin parts of it. 

Well, to be honest, I saw this real sexy pic of Shige (go see it in Aya's post!) and decided to read what it was about. He was actually pretending to be Yamapi in that photo! In this Myojo issue, our boys had to exchange characters for the photoshoot (Shige-kun, do you have such a sexy image of Yamapi? XD;). That also explains why Yamapi is eating in this photoshoot - he was impersonating Masuda! Besides Yamapi and Shige: Masuda impersonates Ryo, Ryo impersonates Koyama, Koyama impersonates Tegoshi, Tegoshi impersonates Shige.

There was some more Pin love in May's issue of Myojo besides Shige's part, so I decided to translate it as well. :)

( Everything started with a sexy pic of Shige, but this is actually a ryopin translation... :D Come read it!)

Vote for Yamapi! (and other NewS members)

Hi all,

Not very sure if someone has already posted this before, but currently, there's a Japanese website to vote for your favourite Johnny's.

Yamapi is currently ranked number 4 now, and he was ranked No. 1 before!! Try to get him back to the top yah? He has worked so so so hard these few years!!

For your information, you are able to vote once every 12 hrs. If you are using wireless network/have more than one IP address like me, you will be able to vote more times. Just copy the whole link and then paste into your address bar after you're led into the "VOTED" page.

Minna, ganbarou~! =)
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[Ryo/Shige] The Stuff that Time is Made Of

Title: The Stuff that Time is Made Of
Pairing: RyoShige
Author: misticloud
Genre: Romance, death, angst
Words: 2,685
Summary: Ryo discovers the joy and pain and healing wonders of the passage of time through his love for Shige.

Note: I think this is probably my own favourite fic so far, only it turned out to be a lot less angsty than it was supposed to be, but well. I hope it’s still appropriately enjoyable. Muse, please be more cheerful next time. Anyway, I hope you like it and comments would be lovely. This is…sort of in non-chronological order.

( Ryo began to love everything that reminded him of Shige. )
嵐 。 nino

Chapter 1: For You Tegoshi x Massu

Title: For You
Chapter: 1
Pairing: Tegoshi x Massu (Tegomass ♥), Ryo x Yamapi (Ryopi ♥)
Characters: NewS
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: for yamapirawks . i'm so sorry it isn't an entirely ryopi fic but i promise there'll be lots of ryopi love! really sorry for the delay >< i'll be dedicating another entirely ryopi fic to you but this shall also be for you too!
comments are ♥

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