March 28th, 2008

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Shounen Club + MP3s

Shounen Club Theme : Graduation (Production Of BNS)
Since the mediafire links are broken, I've reuploaded them.

NOTE : DO NOT upload the projects to youtube or any other streaming sites.
Releases which are NOT zipped up with a password can be shared in other forums, LJs, clubboxes without asking for permission, but please apply in this thread first.
You can rename the files but do not remove the [BNS] tag.
Guests who do not want to register should also post their application in that thread. Thanks
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[FF] Kokoro

 Hmm... wrote this about a month ago. Didn't get a chance to post it on the comm yet though. Read if you want:

Title: Kokoro
Genre: Romance?
Pairing: Yamaki (Yamapi+Horikita Maki)
Disclaimer: I do not own the people in this story, their fates, or the song that started this whole fic in the first place.
Summary: Yamapi’s thoughts on his daughter’s wedding. Influenced by the PV of Oda Kazumasa’s Kokoro.


Femme Latte's 3 (Easter Special)

Title  : Femme Latte’s (Easter Special)
Pairing  : Well all I can say here is, I’ve: Ueda Tatsuko, Yassuko, Tesshi, Kamenashi Kazuko, Akanishi Jinny, Yamapi, Ryo, Massu, Ohkura, Koki.
Genre  : Idk lol. Brainless fic? XD
Summary  : Shall we go somewhere together? (I know it’s not summary but at least you can get a rough gauge from it XD XD ahh who cares, just scroll down your mouse and read.)

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title: standing on the edge of summer
author: spurnd
pairing: ryo nishikido / tegoshi yuya
rating: nc-17
summary: they stumble into the hallway, elbows and hands and knees and hurried kisses in between. one minute they’re in the kitchen and the next, ryo is fitting their mouths together, pushing yuya up against the wall and his hands rubbing his nipples inside his shirt.
notes: 100% disclaimed. au. for rainmakerslurve with the prompts seventeen, and innocence, but i'm still not too sure about the last part. i apologize for the spam lately, but this one probably takes the cake with 8000+ words. i don't know why people even read this, but i'm more than thankful anyway.

( standing on the edge of summer )
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[Fanfiction] Through the Camera Lenses Chapter 8

Title: Through the Camera Lenses
Genre: AU
Rating: PG-15ish
Pairing(s): RyoShige, KoyaShige, KoyaTego
Summary: Photographer Kato Shigeaki’s never had to put up with a model like Nishikido Ryo.
Author’s Note: Sorry for the massive wait everyone! Had a lot of thinking to do for this chapter and fic in general, so that’s why it took a while. Thanks and cookies to quiraikotsuand lizzfanfor being awesome betas. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Enjoy the chapter!

Read chapter 8 HERE.

Previous chapters:

Taiyou No... Namida! Icons

It took me about a month before I finally posted this. Yay to me! Hahaha

This is my biggest icon post yet. This contains 47 Taiyou No Namida icons. Rather late I know but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless.

So many things I want to icon but I haven't done any after I finished this batch. I should get back to that some time.

Now I wonder if it was worth the wait...


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+ Comments are of course loved
+ Please don't claim them as your own
+ I apologize for the lack of order
+ Credit when using
+ But mostly, ENJOY! ^_^Y

Click for the icon fest ^_^

27/3 ryo, 20/2-26/3 NEWSmile, 21-27/3 yamapi, 3-24/3 koyama jweb translations

hey guys. the latest english translations of NEWS members' jwebs can be read at my LJ.


ryo updated his nikki
27.03.08 ryo's jweb translations

and if you've missed any NEWSmile entries (of the current theme) of your favourite NEWS
20.02 - 26.03.08 NEWSmile (all members)

koyama's march jweb entries
03-08.03.08 Keiichiro's Member Ai
14,17.03.08 Keiichiro's Member Ai
21.03.08 Keiichiro's Member Ai
24.03.08 Keiichiro's Member Ai

yamapi's jweb entries
yamapi's jweb translations

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New Nishikato fic_______Chapter 1

Title: Affaire Secrète
AU, Angst (maybe, not sure), romance
Rating: If you are old enough to read, then I say go ahead.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anyone of them. They all have their own lives…only the plot is mine…and hey this is another fan fic to keep me sane.
Parings: Nishikato (really this time), and some other parings.
Summary: Ahhh I really suck with summaries so just bear with it;

                Ryo and Shige just found out about the feelings they have for each other just before they hear the news about Ryo’s marriage to Shige’s elder sister.

Sorry  about some errors,it's un-beta. hope you enjoy.

chapter 1: the wedding.
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FanFic: I will always be by your side (Chapter 8)

Author: biggy_chan 
Title: I will always be by your side (Chapter 8)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: RyoTego, RyoUchi, TegoMass
Summary: A guest appears! And maybe Ryo isn't the right person ...
A/N: I don't know why I let him appear xD
Maybe because I'm obsessed with him right now ^^

(I was in the same situation like you are now.)
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