March 29th, 2008

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[Fanfic] RYO: Shige's Story (Part 2)


Title: RYO : Shige's Story (Part 2)
Pairings: A little bit more of KoyaShige friendship...and...Nishikato...?? Has it appeared yet...??
Ratings: Still readable for the innocent...
Disclaimer: Can we skip this part next time...? Since I'm gonna buy over the whole JE from Johnny-san someday anyway....
Summary: Shige wants Ryo to like him better...Even if its just a little more, that will be enough....right?
Warnings: Somehow I felt like this one is a little shorter than the ones before...And there might be more spelling+grammar mistakes than before coz I typed this in a state of mind that is absolutely deprived of sleep....
Side note for new readers: You will want to read Ohkura's story first, coz thats the one that came before Shige's story...Don't worry...from the comments I've got, it'll just take you a mere 2 hours at most....

Ohkura's Story (Part 1)

Ohkura's Story (Part 2)

Shige's Story (Part 1)

That's it for my rants....Now go ahead and read Shige's Story (Part 2)...Hope you enjoy it!!


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i just want to ask something...


I've been in this community for months but this is my first time to post something about News.  I just want to ask something... I checked thewebsite of SC premium and saw NEWS written... 

Are they the guest for the next episode? I can't read japanese so I'm not sure.

I really love this community and I'm really thankful for people who share news, pics, audio, vids about News.

Hope someone can help me about this ^___^

(oh, and I also hope I tagged this post right)

News: A Fanvid...

My free time consists of making fanvideos (I've finally realized I may be a bit bored).  I make them for my friends, but I think other fans may appreciate watching it too!  Just a slight warning: I usually do these for  the amusement factor so sometimes I go a little bit overboard!

Title: News: Happy Kato Virus
Song: Shige's solo, live (can't recall the name)
Disclaimer: Do I need one?  Well, I dont own anything.


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title: please mister postman
author: spurnd
pairing: koyashige
rating: pg-13
summary: wherein koyama is the postman and shige waits for his mail to be delivered. there is a love story and a very annoyed neighbor.
notes: 100% disclaimed. au/crack. i seem to be spamming, yeah. based on a certain song from the beatles which can be downloaded right here. also the dullest fic there ever is but maybe the song will make up for it, idk.

( please mister postman )
kame-vani made for meeeeeeeee~~

mod needed for Malaysian JE community

Hi, I've created a community for Malaysian JE fans to gather together, as in ANY JE fans, like NEWS fans, KAT-TUN fans, even SMAP fans.The community is jefans_msia THe prob is, I can't mod this alone and I wish to know if there is anyone else who is willing to mod along wif me. I'm in the midst of posting rules and deciding stuff related to the community. It'll be awesome if there is mod-ing experience ^^

p/s: mods, I don't know if this okay or not, if it isn't, it's okay to delete this post.