April 1st, 2008

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JEPCast - Drama Segment!

Hi~ I'm here from jep_cast to pimp link to our latest drama segments for all to catch up on! We finished Kurosagi last Friday, and today, we had an amazing discussion on PPOI recorded for everyone! Hope you enjoy the ramblings of your lovely hosts, Jennie, Kamika, Peyton and Rhey.

Kurosagi: 1: Episodes 1-4 | 2: Episodes 5-8 | 3: Episodes 9-11
PPOI: 1: Episodes 1-8

We'll be starting on My Boss, My Hero next week (or this week?) So if you'd like to follow along, it'll be episodes 1-3. ♥

Enjoy! And keep the feedback coming~ We appreciate every little bit of it. :D
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[NEWS] The Acceptance of Tegoshi

Title: The Acceptance of Tegoshi
Characters: Tegoshi-centric, NEWS friendship
Author: misticloud 
Rating: PG (for some language)
Words: 3,446
Summary: Tegoshi contemplates quitting NEWS, and by a stroke of good (or bad, whichever way you look at it) luck, Ryo finds out about it.
Note: Inspired after watching Tegoshi's SC Premium where he talked about how he'd considered quitting NEWS. I'm ever so glad he didn't.

( "This industry has no room for quitters." )
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(no subject)

title: and it's a winding road
author: spurnd
pairing: ryo nishikido / tegoshi yuya
rating: pg-13
summary: when they come down from their high and tegoshi curls into his side, all pale legs and soft hair, they fall asleep almost instantly, kiss after slow kiss.
notes: 100% disclaimed. i was working on a tegopi fic request and my brain cells fried. the rating astounds you, doesn't it. astounds me too. and um, this one's very blah but i can't seem to hold onto my non-crack muse. =__=

( and it's a winding road )
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Fanfiction: Punishment [oneshot]

Title: Punishment
Pairing: RyoShige
Rating: NC-17
Summary: He wondered if it had something to do with the game and stripping because Ryo hadn't commented about that at all, which was strange because Shige was sure Ryo would have been angry in his slightly-adorable-yet-irritatingly-protective-way about it.
Author’s Note:  Because Shige’s stripping deserves a fic, yes?. I don’t particularly like this much, and I’m not sure if this does Shige’s stripping justice, maybe it was just my excuse to finally write RyoShige smut, but either way, here you go. Beta'd by my lovelies,  quiraikotsuand lizzfan.  Thanks so much, m'dears! ♥ ♥

"So what, it's suddenly a crime to take off my shirt for the fans?"
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i've wanted to ask this a loooong time ago......
what was that thing that kei-chan gave to yamapi for his birthday?
it was a little green ball thing and ryo-chan pulled this string and yamapi had to like, shake it kind of.
then yamapi put it on kei-chan's face and he was all like "ITAI ITAI!!" hahaha that was so cute xD
my horrible screen cap. xD
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(no subject)

I wanna share to all NON-singaporeans fans that Yamap was on Singapore magazine cover page for the first time! (Although with other artists, it was still very memorable as japanese artist can hardly be the cover page)!

If you are interested to know the content and more~
take a look at --->
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[sales] april - sales masterpost.

Any and all sales for April sales should be posted here!

★ Your subject should contain the item(s) you're selling. An few examples of this would be NEWS - Hoshi wo Mezashite RE single, FINE BOYS magazine (Tegoshi cover/article), Duet January 2008 NEWS clippings, etc, etc.
★ Your comment should include relevant details about your item(s), alongside a way to get in contact with you, such as your email or a link to your LJ.
★ If you have a new item(s) to be sold, but already have posted a comment to the sales post, please reply to your original comment (using the same format for the original) with the new item(s) details.
★ If your item(s) has been sold, reply to your original comment with 'SOLD', 'NO LONGER AVAILABLE', 'CLOSED' or anything similar to those in the subject.
★ To keep up with the latest sales on this post, you should track this entry! You'll be notified with an email if there's any new comments~

Any sales posts after this post will be deleted immediately unless they fall under the exceptions.
baka baka baka aho!!!

Summer time single on pre-order!

hi guys , me again!
i just want to let you know that news nes single 'summer time" is now available on pre-order on play-asia

it on release on 8th may 2008

here's the link

summer time LE : http://www.play-asia.com/SOap-23-83-7m3v-71-oc-77-l-49-fr-15-News-84-j-70-2nzd-40-artist.html

summer time : http://www.play-asia.com/SOap-23-83-7m3v-71-oc-49-fr-84-j-70-2nze.html

they both cost $9.90

enjoy hope you get one! :p
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(no subject)

title: short, fast, & loud
author: spurnd
pairing: yamashita tomohisa / tegoshi yuya
rating: pg-13
summary: they walk in on tegoshi masturbating. which is almost as bad as walking in on ryo masturbating except there are no candles and leah dizon playing softly on the stereo.
notes: 100% disclaimed. written for nichiya who requested tegopi smut. i couldn't write smut though, but this was the closest thing to it, anyway. ;____; i'm sorry. also, this is the fic you shouldn't take seriously. crack/failed attempts at humor and spamming. tego-centric. but there's pi? *fails* also, sorry for the spam D:!

( short, fast, & loud )
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More on News in Lawsons

I`m currently on vacation in Japan and was in a Lawsons in Enoshima today and took the following pics. The staff seemed quite amused, but hey, what else are you supposed to do on holiday? 

Haven`t seen any tv commercials, since I haven`t been in front of the tv, but did see a couple of Russ-K ones earlier today (the only ones I`ve seen). 

Sorry if the pics are a bit large but I`m on a computer in a Japanese web cafe and I keep getting some error message when I try to do an lj cut - and of course it`s in Japanese and I can`t read it.

Outside and Inside


Music score for Taiyou no Namida

Hi minna, I've scanned the music score for:

- Taiyou no Namida

They were included in the lyrics booklet of Myojo's May issue. The best thing is the accompanying lyrics are in hiragana, so sing along with all your voice's worth while hitting the piano keys/strumming the guitar! xD

Save the score here at my LJ.

will be x-posted at kattunlove

[ Sorry if I've tagged this wrongly, corrections are appreciated. (: ]