April 5th, 2008

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title: of hips, and hearts, and lace
author: spurnd
pairing: ryo nishikido / yuya tegoshi
rating: nc-17
summary: they struggle out of buttons and ribbons and cotton and lace, lots of it everywhere, ryo’s fingers harried when the last button refuses to come off.
notes: 100% disclaimed. au. the pwp monster wrapped up in atmosphere but has one of the most anti-climactic endings ever, yay! huge thank you goes out to lexaaaaa for putting up with my whining about this fic for more than 12 hours, also ky_rin who loved me enough to leave me be, lol. inspired by this picture, but not really.

( of hips, and hearts, and lace )
Reita Hakama

The boys that sing each track on their album Pacific?

I found out recently (I'm a new fan, record: 3 days. Most played song: Alibi - 115 times) that the tracks on the pacific album are sang by different members...?

I can tell Gomen ne Juliet is mostly YamaP, and Ai Nante has Tegoshi-kun, and Nantoka Narusa has Massu-kun (:D He's my favorite)...but can somebody give me the list for the members that sang each song?

Greatly appreciated! Look forward to YamaP, Massu-kun, and Tegoshi-kun fanart in the future... >w<


Thank you everybody for you input! :D
Leeteuk → &amp; now I&#39;m all alone

Alvin and the Chipmunks go JE? XD

LOL at the title. XD

Eh, I was bored so I decided to turn NEWS into Alvin and the Chipmunks :Dv
I played with three songs, Bambina, Taiyou no Namida, and Shock Me. And .. Lo and Behold! I provided download links! :)) I hope you do listen to these, 'cause it sounds kind of cute. XD And if someone's gonna upload it to streaming sites or sth, please remember to credit. XD

Here you go:

Taiyou no Namida
Shock Me

I prefer Bambina
the most because of Tegoshi's awesome moaning. XDDD

Comment (if you want to) and Enjoy! XD
And please tell me if I uploaded the wrong mp3 'cause I tend to do that all the time. >.>

**This is also available at my LJ, but it's friends-locked. So .. yeah. XD
Leeteuk → &amp; now I&#39;m all alone

Alvin & the Chipmunks Part Dos

MODS, I'm sorry for posting twice already. XD
I'm back already with 6 more.

Credit IF you plan to upload this anywhere in the net. :B


KISS~Kaerimichi no Love Song~
Miso Soup (Eng)
Hoshi wo Mezashite
Gomen ne Juliet


**Pi just sounds too seductive in the Gomen ne Juliet one.
And KISS is just too adorable and everything else

*also available at my friends-locked LJ XD



[RUMOR] Yamapi was spotted at the airport in Korea. Witnesses also say he was seen buying necklaces at the duty free Jamsil Lotte Dior Store. But the sources are not sure if he is also staying at the LOTTE HOTEL. It was mentioned that Pi plans on leaving Korea on the 6th at 15:55.

My note: I don't know if this is true or not, but if anyone from Korea is reading this, maybe you can give us more insight?

(source: bloggers at XQ)

lifeisbeautfl adds:
I just checked Yahoo Korea on a blog it says that it was one day trip. He checked in in the morning at Lotte Hotel. Fans met him and shook hands, and a girl got his autograph(ok, wait? i wonder if it was on paper. he's not allowed to right? or does it not matter out of Japan?) A staff at Jamsil Lotte Dior Store says that he bought a Dior necklace. He then got on the plane at 5:00 pm and left.
It sounds pretty reasonable. Korea's only 1-2 hour flight, so it was just a personal trip, I guess?
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vote for NEWS please....

there's another vote in this site...

this is a vote for you favourite JE group...
vote for NEWS please...they are now number 3, left behind KAT-TUN & arashi...

vote for them please..please...

the rules are the same with another vote (the one to vote your favourite JE member http://vote2.ziyu.net/html/milky88.html)

one vote for 12 hours, and one vote for one ip adress

i hope you can vote as often as you can...

vote vote....
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White Day Messages from JE's Boys at JFC Shibuya

Credit to KEN BOARD for these wonderful message from our JE's Boys...^^...

Hey there!
Once again that JE's Boys posted the message at Johnny's Family Club in Shibuya.
My sisters went there and have their messages to share with translation at my LJ.
I am taking this from KEN BOARD, so all credit will go to my sisters there.

Kanjani 8
Tackey & Tsubasa

(More are coming, I am kind of lazy right now...^^;... stay tune at my LJ then)

If you decide to take this the whole chunk w/o edit or translation,
PLEASE! Please credit and let me know.

Also, x-post to other JE's Communities as well...^^...

Leeteuk → &amp; now I&#39;m all alone

Alvin & the Chipmunks - Chocolate

Uh, Hi again. XD

I think you all know what I've been doing last night, and I actually made one with the video already. Btw, thank you for the nice comments! I'll be making more next time. :) I don't know if you can view this already, 'cause I just uploaded it last night. But if it does, Great! XD I hope you check it out :Dv

On YouTube:

Chocolate PV with a twist

If you want to download it, tell me, and I'll try to provide download links for you. :)

Comment & Enjoy! :D

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Hello, Minna-san!

Recently I've heard a lot about YamaPi's blog and was wondering if anyone could share a link with me? As well as other members' blogs if ther have any.

Thanks in advance~

What PIN really stands for.

So I got this new book called Japanese Street Slang by Peter Constantine. My friend and I were flipping through and we came across the word PIN.

Now I don't know about you, but being a JE fan and avid fanfic reader, I immediately associate the word PIN with the Jin x Yamapi pairing.

Well this book gives a different meaning, pretty amusing and not entirely inappropriate for the pairing, but still pretty lewd and inappropriate for young children and not work safe and thus marked as Explicit Adult Content in a nonetheless Public entry on my journal.

Fake cut.

☆ カヒナッチ ☆
RYO melts :D


Hello ..<333

I've made NEWS cursor set and want to share with all of you [if u want it XD].It's fangurling computer time!! XD But pls bare in mind, this is my first set of my own cursor so,i know it's not good enough but pls try and let me know ^___^