April 6th, 2008

Behind the Bookshelves [Pin One Shot Fan Fic]

Title:  Behind the Bookshelves [Pin One Shot Fan Fic]
Pairing: Pin
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sex in the library.
Disclaimer: Don’t own them, don’t get any money, fictional.
Author’s Notes: This is mediocre at best. But I won’t improve if I don’t keep on writing so here it is: http://houseki-l7.livejournal.com/1865.html

Thank you for your tolerance. Or not. You can always skip this one. :D [Cross-posted]

credit: aaa_is_loved

[giveaway] The Television 03/07/08 Feat. NEWS :3

hi guys! i'm back for another GIVEAWAYY =3
this time it's The Television 03/07/08 Feat. NEWS 
& it's brand neww btw :]

please go to THIS ENTRY to leave a comment! (i will not be putting my questions on here b/c some ppl get it confused and post on here instead hehe..)

* shipping will be FREE to all U.S. addresses, butt for shipping to other countries u'll have to pay for whatever the total is minus $3, sorryyy >.<
* i will be the only one to read the comments, but if you want to make it public just tell me so =)
* i will not be replying to most of the comments (unless u have questions or had something reallyreallyyy cool to tell me haha) because i won't have enough time to answer everyone's comments as much as i'd like too ='[ but don't worryyy, i promise to read EVERY SINGLE ONE OF 'EM :D
* after you post, b/c my comments are screened you won't be able to see ur comment, soo if it says ur comment's been successfully posted it was, don't worry :)
* i will randomly pick a winner from my TOP 10 FINALISTS (haha the last time i did the poll thingy it was messed up so.. i'll just do it myself this time >.<)

the entry deadline is Monday, 04/07/08 @ MIDNIGHT (Pacific Time Zone)! 
& the winner will be announced later this week! =D

if you have any further questions, email me at crazypilovee@gmail.com OR leave a comment @ my LJ :)
once again, my LJ entry for this giveaway is HERE

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title: and when the sun hits our eyes
author: spurnd
pairing: yamashita tomohisa/tegoshi yuya
rating: r
summary: they start slow because yamapi doesn’t want to hurt him, doesn’t want to turn this into something he’ll regret later, hands over zippers and buttons and cotton pushed to a corner of the bed.
notes: 100% disclaimed. for nichiya whose birthday draws near. she requested tegopi smut and i wanted to give her a semblance of that, because i felt i cheated on the other tegopi fic.

( and when the sun hits our eyes )

Tegomass - Ai Ai Kasa (High Quality 320k TV Rip)

Yes, I know there's already been a post about this but I realized that both the rips that were being shared were pretty low quality so I decided to go ahead and download a High Quality RAW file of that anime just to rip the song and encode it in 320k.

So yeah here it is. The highest quality that you can get it right now. Enjoy.

Tegomass - Ai Ai Kasa (320k TV Rip)
MF: http://www.mediafire.com/?vlzmjom11is

I love this song. =)