April 9th, 2008

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56 NewS Icons

[[56]] NewS
>>[[27]] Nishikido Ryo
>>[[11]] Yamashita Tomohisa
>>[[04]] Tegoshi Yuya
>>[[02]] Masuda Takahisa
>>[[01]] Kato Shigeaki
>>[[11]] Groups/Pairings

[[65]] KAT-TUN
[[11]] Kanjani8
[[07]] Arashi
[[04]] Hey!Say!JUMP
[[11]] L'Arc~en~Ciel's DRINK IT DOWN PV 


The rest can be found HERE if interested.

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title: to the place with the most allure
author: spurnd
pairing: ryo nishikido/tomohisa yamashita
rating: r
summary: it’s skin and bone and teeth, and all ryo can think about is yamapi with every slick brush of their hips, with every open-mouthed kiss burned into his skin like a brand.
notes: 100% disclaimed. for hontou who gave me the prompts i did not follow, for korean fans without whom i wouldn't even be writing this. and mat kearney for writing the song that inspired the fic. i uploaded the track here, if anyone is interested. also, it's supposed to be a birthday fic, but maybe everyone can just pretend. events skewed to fit storyline, because fiction is cool that way. SORRY FOR THE SPAM DD:

( to the place with the most allure )


i'm just wondering why there are no HQ ver of news cms cause i know that this comm members always upload HQ tv shows and perf . Are there any difference between recording CMs and tv shows?
this is not a request though, just asking.

Kame - pensive

10 Drabbles For Yamapi

Title: 10 Drabbles For Yamapi
Pairing(s): RyoPi, TegoPi
Genre: Mostly fluff.
Disclaimer(s): Don't own anybody...just the plots, if they're considered plots.

**A/N: My first attempt at drabbles...so don't be too harsh, please. ^^ It's also my first attempt at stuff that isn't based around Akame, so bear with me on that one too.

Basically, even though Yamapi's birthday was yesterday, I didn't get to prepare anything, so I come bearing fics today. Happy belated b-day, Pi~

Enjoy~comments are always love!