April 13th, 2008

RYO melts :D

yamapi windows logon

HAppy belated birthday dear !! ^__^"" hahahah im late !! well i just finished my final this evening so have to postpone all the gfts and wishes to you hahahaha
So, Pi, wish you all the best for your future and enjoy ur life now. I'm always by ur side yayy~~

So for this year presents, I made some window logon for Yamapi. It's not good enough though just wanna share what I've done. Please credit if you want to post somewhere else and comment if you're taking it. It's just took 10 seconds to say thanks ^^ I appreciate for all your comments .


theproudpenguin for giving me the permission to use some of the wallpapers. So, I included her wallpapers inside the .rar file. Please give a proper credit to her as well ^___^


to the fangurling computer XD
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Of Puppies and Love - Chapter 4

Title: Of Puppies and Love
Pairings: Akame, Ryopi, smidge of Kamepi and T&T
Rating: PG
Summary: Akanishi Jin and Kamenashi Kazuya were average students with average lives until they meet each other. The results? An eccentric school year.

Chapter 1//Chapter 2//Chapter 3

In the land of the oblivious, they all hail Tsubasa as their king and worship him as a god.


i made some Themes for my cellphone and felt to share it with you guys.It's not that great demo ne.. XD
It only works for cellphone models like Lenovo P930,Nokia 3230,Nokia 6260,Nokia 6600,Nokia 6620,Nokia 6630,Nokia 6670,Nokia 6680,Nokia 6681,Nokia 6682,Nokia 7610,N70,N72,Panasonic X700,Samsung SGH-D720,Samsung SGH-D730 and Samsung SGH-Z600..it sometimes work on other Nokia phone models.

RyoTego 1
RyoTego 2
Yamada Ryosuke

Choose first your cellphone model and just follow the next steps.

San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival Meet-Up

Hello! First time posting here, but a long time member.

A group of us over at je_us_fans will be having a meet-up next Sunday at the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival.

Since I believe some of you have not joined je_us_fans yet, I would like to spread the welcome to come with us to everyone in the comms I'm a part of.

More information will be here! If you can come, please do!

sorry for x-posting...
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title: a thing of beauty
author: spurnd
pairing: masuda takahisa/tegoshi yuya
rating: nc-17
summary: wherein moving to a different prefecture is hard but growing up is harder, and masuda meets somebody who pushes his buttons.
notes: 100% disclaimed. au. genderfuckery, no surprise there because it's my second time. for hontou because she is made of all sorts of wonderful and i lover her very much. probably the dirtiest thing i've ever written though the title begs to differ.

( a thing of beauty )

[fanfiction] Wasted Years

Title: Wasted Years

Author: Hime [</a></b></a>cess_chan ]

Chapter: [9/?]

Rating: R-16

Pairing: Mainly TegoPi. There's RyoPi and RyoUchi too <3. I mentioned KoyaShige too btw. Lol *gets kicked for leaving Massu all alone* …RyoTego maybe?

Genre: Romance/Angst/some Crack here and there

Summary: Ryo and Pi had been best friends for half of their lives. Lately, they've become best friends with benefits. YamaPi had been quite obsessed about his relationship with his best friend and was totally oblivious of Tegoshi's feelings for him. Ryo, on the other hand, still has feelings for Uchi and is always waiting for the younger boy's return. Find out what happens when Uchi comes back from his suspension…. [ok. So I suck at summaries…please just read the story and skip this part..rofl]

Disclaimer: I don't own NEWS. And that's the sad reality. Now I'm depressed again.

("Quit playing with me, it's not funny")

maia&#39;s pigg

Jyannis Brushes 3

A NEW BRUSH SET RELEASE! ( I know I am cranking them out fast.)  This one includes HSJ KATTUN, ARASHI and a few others. My next brush project will probably be the names of the Artists in Kanji. If I am pretty much in the mood to do them.... Hehe... wait for it it may be tommorow, tonight or next week depends on my mood.

Click the pic to get to the download page!

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Private Hearts - Koyama Solo

  ~ hope i'm not spamming ~  >.<

I recorded Koyama's Private Hearts solo from Shokura 2008.04.13..... but it's just the audio and the quality is really bad. (I literally recorded it from the TV.)
A clear version would probably come in a few days. ^_^
It's not the whole perf....it starts on the 1st chorus only.

The rap part  *which is really good* somehow reminds me of Love Addiction and Snow Express. It's pretty similar to the concert version. XD

for those who would like to hear a little bit of the perf...
MU : Private Hearts - Koyama (Shokura 2008.04.13) [354 KB]

EDIT: jkyl04 posted a clear ver. here.
*thank you!*