April 14th, 2008



Hello ^^

Want to share some fancams... All are from NewS 07.12.26 concert...

NewS are so happy, sexy and kakoiiiiiii !!!! Lov' them <33333


Ai no matador

Nantoka narusa

Enjoy !

Edit : sorry but it was not me who have uploaded those fancams. I only find streaming links.
If the videos are cancelled, I can do nothing.. Gomen !
Dream Boys

[Fanfic] RYO: Shige's Story (Part 4)

Title: RYO: Shige's Story
Pairings: Nishikato
Ratings: I've indicated a red line-break for those of you who might want to skip the "hot" part...So censorship lies in your own hands...
Summary: Shige wants Ryo to like him better...Even if its just a litlle more, that's enough...right?
Warnings: Un-beta-ed and un-edited...Please avoid if you are an English teacher...
Side note for the new reader: You BETTER read Ohkura's story (Part 1 & Part 2) first, before going on to Shige's story (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) before reading this part 4...You won't regret it...I promise...

Special side note for the loyal readers:

Yes...I know I had delayed in publishing the ONE part that everyone had been waiting for...And as my way of apology, I now bring you a double-shot special of Part 4 that killed my brain cells and fingers, deprived me of sleep and turned me away from my exam revision...Basically, I cried bloody tears while doing this part....
Please note that the previous Part 3.1 had been re-named to simply Part 3...Instead, the part 3.2 that you guys had been anticipating is named as Part 4 (further broken into 4.1 and 4.2 because 1 post cannot contain the whole part....)...I would love to publish them separately and kill you all with the suspense, but I suspect you guys would kill me even before I can do that...okay, i'll end my long rant now (sorry mods!)...here you go guys, Part 4.1 and 4.2....



4.1:   ~Is Ryo only playing with Shige's heart...?~ 

4.2:   ~...the small smile, the blushing cheeks and the slight nod...~
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piano sheet music

Hi, I've been lurking through this community for a while and I just want to say thank you for everything. Anyway, I want to give back with what I created, piano sheet music (and midid samples)!

Anyway, as the title says, I did some piano sheet music a couple months back. So far I only arranged Yamapi's "Gomen ne Juliet" and "Daite Senorita" so if any of you like those songs//interested, please go here.

Oh and I'm also working on "Beautiful Eyes" and there's only an incomplete midi sample version, so check that out when you have the chance.

If this isn't allowed, Mods, please feel free to delete it.


[FANFIC] Drunk - Kusano/Uchi

 Drunk - Hiro² - oneshot
Summary: Uchi's drunk, again. Kusano is almost there despite it all.
Fandom: Kanjani8/NewS
Rating: PG
Pairing:  Kusano/Uchi,
Setting: 2005-2008 - Flashback of the night Uchi was suspended. Then back to 2008 with Uchi is back with K8 and Kusano has debuted on his own outside of Johnny's
Chapter: ONESHOT

AN: another Hiro²  fic. yus shoot me for the title. i got this idea couple nights ago. i love these boys to bits, but this needed to be written. a diffrent look on how things went down the night Uchi was arrested.

JE Boys © Johnny-san
Plot © mysticwater/Kristy    

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credit: aaa_is_loved

[giveaway] winner announcement!

ahh sorry guys for the delayy!! i went on vacation and didn't have easy access to the internet >.<

sooo the winner for ^The Television 03/07/08 ^ isss:


thanks for EVERYONE's participation!! all ur entries were wonderfull! >.<
so this time i picked my top recipients, designated numbers for them on pieces of paper andd picked out a random number to get the winner.. otherwise i couldn't possibly have chosen just ONE person haha... 

i might do this againn sometime before i go to college next fall soo, don't lose hope guys :D
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Eight member NEWS in You&J fanclub booklet ☆

Thought some of you might like to see this drawing of Kusano and the rest of NEWS that was printed in the most recent You&J fanclub booklet:

Collapse )

In every issue they include a page of fanletters and fanart divided by group, and this time this was amongst them. At the bottom the artist has written that she is supporting the two who are working hard as trainees, and that she looks forward to someday being able to see NEWS as 8 members again. She also thanks Kusano for coming back :). There was also a fanletter two issues back that explicitly stated that the girl wanted to see 8 member NEWS again.

Collapse )

I'm not necessarily suggesting that this is sign of anything, so take it as you will, but I thought it was interesting to see this printed in an official fanclub publication. And personally, I'm just happy to finally see something about Kusano! Plus, the drawings are awfully cute ♥. Here's hoping for some official news soon :D.
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(no subject)

Hey, my fellow NewS-loving boys and girls.  This was originally just for my own journal, but then I thought that some people here might get a little kick out of it.  I meant to just post pics of my dog and her piggie dog toy (named Massu, of course), but somehow it ended up becoming a bit of a children's story with NewS references.  It's more embellished captioning than a fic, but hop on over to my journal if you're interested.  I'm not a writer, and this was done between the hours of 3 and 5 am I'm dodging the grammar & interesting sentence police, but hey, it's just for kicks.

Massu and the New Friend - A Children's Story
(please click le fake cut)

Okay, so posting the story was also a not so clever ruse to get you guys to vote in my Harry Potter X JE poll.  XD Please vote!!!  I would love to know what you guys think about which JE boy corresponds to which Harry Potter character.  There is a cracky, fanwork purpose to this.  If it's not too lame when I finish, I'll post it here. <3
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[FIC] [Ryo/Shige] The Love that Chases

Title: The Love that Chases
Chapters: 3 (of Part 1)
Pairing: Ryo/Shige, with lots of Koyato friendship
Author: misticloud
Shige embarks on the long, lonely, sometimes fruitful journey of loving someone who doesn't love him back.
Note: This story is multi-chaptered, and split into three parts, since it got way too long when it was originally intended as a one-shot. I hope you like it, and comments would definitely make life just that little bit more wonderful.

Chapters:  AwakeningTaste of the BitterJust Being.


I am going to Hong Kong this summer and I was wondering if they have any JE stuff around there? Its my first time in Hong Kong so I have no clue where to go... ?___?
Anything would be helpful...