April 15th, 2008




you guys can check the CM in the website they already posted the CM ^^;; go media gallery ^^;;

also, i think by next week kchannews will be playing SUMMER TIME already so stay tuned ^^;;

Shige will be in several Hokaben promotions tomorrow:

●ズームイン!!SUPER (シゲ・上戸・北村)

●スッキリ! (シゲ・上戸・北村)

●ラジかるッ (上戸)

●おもいっきりイイ!!テレビ (シゲ・上戸・北村)

●情報ライブ ミヤネ屋 (シゲ・上戸・北村)

●アナ☆パラ (シゲ・上戸・北村)

●Newsリアルタイム (上戸)

because the pilot episode will air tomorrow

Credits: nana

Koyama Keiichiro - Private Hearts -karaoke subbed-

I actually did this on impulse. I saw the video last last night and couldn't stop thinking about it today when I went to school. So when I came home I turned on my computer and just began translation, subbing, aligning, etc. However stupid Veoh didn't let me load it until today. This is pretty amazing because I did it all in one afternoon. I hope there aren't any mistakes. I got the video from jkly04</a>so thank them for that.

(Private Hearts, Hearts, Hearts...)

Ai nante is coming soon. ^^
Kame laugh

FanFic: I will always be by your side (Chapter 11)

Author: biggy_chan 
Title: I will always be by your side (Chapter 11)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: RyoTego, TegoMass, RyoUchi, KoyaShige, UchiPi (?)
Summary: Everybody is hurt in this chapter xD
But anyway this chapter doesn't end sad ^^
A/N: I was influence by Tegomass's new song "Ai ai kasa" <3
There was someone who wants UchiPi so I write UchiPi xD
I think this pairing isn't bad ...

Chapter 9 | Chapter 10

(Tegoshi wants to run after him but his feet don't move.)

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