April 19th, 2008

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title: the wind may crown your head with leaves
author: spurnd
pairing: ryo nishikido/tegoshi yuya
rating: r
summary: they do that a lot now -- on weekend afternoons one month after yuya stops attending dance class. ryo will undress him afterwards, lay him on the carpet and kiss him. afterwards, he reads yuya a book or they stay pressed up on the floor watching the light on the ceiling change.
notes: 100% disclaimed. au. risqué. but homg it had to be written. i have no sense of shame apparently, and this has probably been done a million times already. for hontou who i love very much and has been inspiring all these fics lately. if you've read/watched/seen something like this before, it's probably because i've read/watched/seen whatever it is you had and subconsciously incorporated elements of that in the story. humanoid!tego prz shoot me now.

( the wind may crown your head with leaves )
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40 Masuda icons!

Today I bring you icons of:
[40]Masuda Takahisa
[24]Lee Chihoon
[26]Lee Chihoon and Lee Younju
[8]Lee Younju
[24]Yamada Ryosuke
[20]Arioka Daiki
[8]Misc.(actors, singers, etc.)
[150] icons total

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New Icons!

I'm so busy . . .I'm studying so much . . . too much! I literally go to bed studying and wake up studying, its horrible! Anyway I made these a couple days ago, but I clouldn't post them up because my computer went all bonkers! Anywho, I hope everyone likes these!

[10]Kurosagi (Photobook)

[6]Horikita Maki
[5]Sawajiri Erika
[39] Total 

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Ai nante [MV]

Sorry it took so long. There were a lot of parts that were bothering me. Basically I was trying to do something different with this one so it's less of matching words or dances move and more of getting the feel of the song.

(ai nante)
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ANAN feb 08 translation

Hi guys!

I was wondering if anyone had the translation for the text that is presented with Pi's pictures.
I just received my copy of the famous magazine ( and I watched the pictures in the subway, people were staring at me xD ) and I'm curious about the article.
I read somewhere that it doesn't have anything to do with Yamapi but I'm still curious...

I'm sorry if that was already resquested before, I did a quick search but I couldn't fin anything T_T