April 21st, 2008

Not alone-chapter 8(part1)

Not alone.
Chapter 8(part 1)
Ohkura/Shige, RyoPi, Pi/Maki, Jin/Jaejoong
Disclaimer: I die a little inside whenever i say that i don't own them.
Fan fiction. Sorry for some mistakes and errors. Pls tell me if you find some mistakes in this so that i can correct them.
Ahh, i am really sorry for the long wait..and also for the short chapter. And i am having some writer block and so this part won't be really good. My brain is asleep.

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Fiction Post

First time writing for this rather un-popular pairing, forgive me for giving you het fics instead of NEWS slash. ^_^Y I'm under the impression that Shige needs love not just from NEWS but from... everyone? XD

General Disclaimer: Kato Shigeaki is mine. And Massu pigs went flying. XD

Both artists belong to themselves and are managed by Johnny's Entertainment and LesPros Entertainment, respectively.

Title: Look My Way
Characters: Kato Shigeaki || Aragaki Yui
Genre: General / Romance
Rating: G
Notes: Set during the PapaMusu filming days, with reference to Shige's interview in Hanamaru Cafe.

You look cool even when you're just standing.

Title: Impressions
Characters: Kato Shigeaki || Aragaki Yui
Genre: General / Romance
Rating: G

Shige was under the impression that models liked going out for shopping and dates wearing clothes that would flatter their figures and get them noticed.

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