April 24th, 2008

Hagaki no Project!

Hello minna san!

I have a favour to ask to everyone! I'm starting a project, just as the title says, it's a postcard project where I'll try to gather postcards from different places in the world. That's why I'm coming here, where I know there's people from everywhere!

If you want to know the details of this project, please visit my LJ to see how you can help! I'd be really thankful if you just came to see what is it about!!


>>Hagaki no Project!
Keito - Green

NewS Summer Time Wallpaper

I'm sort of joining the bandwagon that is this summer's greatest hype - NewS's SUMMER TIME PV.


It's pretty graphic-heavy, so definitely not for those with a lot of desktop icons and shortcuts on their desktop (but hopefully this will encourage you guys to clean up your desktops LOL >=)

-->Size is 1440x900. Will upload other sizes if REQUESTED.
-->Please Comment if taken
-->Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.
-->I'll be posting another wallpaper tomorrow, hopefully
Spring Sketch

Icons : Summer Time PV

20 icons!!!!! crap!! NewS' new PV is js so much fun to watch.. and i ended up making 20 icons instead of studying for my exam.. well, anyway.. hope u like it

* Koyama Keiichiro - [03]
* Masuda Takahisa - [04]
* Nishikido Ryo - [03]
* Kato Shigeaki - [03]
* Tegoshi Yuya - [03]
* Yamashita Tomohisa - [02]
* MassuPi - [01]
* TegoShige - [01]


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happy Tat-chan

Missing You [Oneshot]

Title: Missing You

: hanny2luv

Pairing:  Ryoda

: Angst

Summary: I miss you so much that even words cannot describe this feeling I have inside.

Disclaimer: I wish they are mine. *sigh*

Author’s Note: I’m feeling melancholic and currently listening to Kavana’s “Will You Wait for Me”. Thanks to L-chan for beta-ing my fic.

I miss you

Birthday Eve

NEWS icons x58

58 NEWS icons beneath the cut. For the first time in FOREVER I'm making an icon post that didn't exceed 60 icons. WHAAAAAT?

+ Comments are nice, even if you ain't taking anything. Comments are <3 and encourage teh Kimi to make more.
+ Credit me when using, please! Taking someone's icons and not crediting them is just. plain. RUDE.
+ Friending is even nicer. ^_^
+ DO NOT USE THESE ON MYSPACE. Seriously. Don't. Don't put them in your profile, in your userpics, ANYWHERE. Otherwise I will take a stiletto and drive it through your heart. Well, OK, maybe not, but still.
+ Do not hotlink. Hotlinking is EVIL and makes Baby Jesus sad.
+ Do not claim as yours. The man in my head will get EXTREMELY upset. Yeah, I have a man in my head. Don't you?
+ Textless icons are NOT bases. So There.

Little banners!

First post evar!
I bring forum signatures!
1xRyo header request!

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Feel free to ask for one! I'm up for making more just give me your idea//color scheme//wanted photos and so on! Feel free to friend me as well, though I have no idea how often I'd post graphics in it...and my life isn't that amazing ^^.

Edit! Request done for whunsakura added as well