April 26th, 2008

akame: delusional?! no no no!

hello minna!! [:


it' has been so long since i've posted anything here..



the SUMMERTIME pv is rabu ne..


i love it so much..


haha.. XD


i'm here to share videos with 3gp format..

haha.. XD

hope you guys like it..

here is the link..

comments are loved..

although i don't know if anyone would take it..

haha.. XD

SUMMERTIME pv is there as well..

haha.. XD
Keito - Green

NewS Wallpaper

I promised a few posts back that I would post a new wallpaper - unfortunately, this isn't the wallpaper I was talking about.

While browsing through my folders for some suitable stock photos, I found this, a pretty old (a few months old) wallpaper. I guess I'm just sharing it now. It's a lot different from my other wallpaper, it's more simplistic, and it hurts the eyes less XD I think this one is more desktop icon-friendly so blah XD (it's not really suited for the season though - If I'm correct, this scan is a spring scan - so much for summer time XD)

It has two versions - non-starry and starry version XD [they both suck D8]


-->Size is 1440x900. Will upload other sizes if REQUESTED.
-->Please Comment if taken
-->Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.
-->If used for other purposes than personal use as a desktop bg [ xanga, myspace, etc. ] please CREDIT.
-->In view of the above, no direct linking please.

Header requests! Edited to add one more

These are the headers requested from my earlier post plus a "friends only" banner.
1xYampi header
1xMassu header
1xTegoshi header
1xTegoshi "Friends only" banner
1XTegoMass header

Collapse )

Again if you would like one, don't hesitate to ask! I'm always up for making more. I can also try my hand at making matching icons for the header and background images, though I have no idea how big the bg would have to be in order for it not to repeat themselves. But hey, I'm up for trying!
Credit if you want
Comments are awesomesause <3
Please upload on your OWN image uploader-thing!
RYO melts :D

NEWS, massu, tegoshi, koyama, shige WINDOWS Logon

I'm crazy XDDD I'm supposed to study now XDDD.. I'm so sorry for last post, Massu is left out for summer time 2 X"D really sorry. was blinded by sexy osaka man XDDD. For this batch, I made a variety of windows logon. Hope u'll like it.

3 KATTUN, 3 shige, 1 massu, 1 tegoshi, 1 koyama, 1 NEWS summer time + 1 NEWS summer time [fixed from previous one XD], 1 tegomasu

I would like to know what's your opinion about it ^__^ so if you love me, pls comment ^___^

(Towards fangurling PC XD)
akame: delusional?! no no no!

hi again!!


if you want other vids to be converted to 3gp..

just tell me ne..

so that i'll convert it for you..

i can accept requests..

if it's not NEWS..

i'll still accept it..

haha.. XD
「katamari」→ prince、♥

advert: NEEEEWS!!

Hey there! :D I'm here to advertise a new NEWS community: neeeews!!
It's a NEWS picture community so please do come along and post pictures of NEWS!! and spread the love by pimping out this new community! Pretty please? ;o; Please come and join!


(permission received for this advert xD)

last friends

 i watched the latest last friends episode...

am i a bad person for feeling bad for sousuke? >"<
i think maybe i can just understand the way he thinks and feels.
but i think the beginning intro wasright to put the words contradiction next to him.
i'm kind of clashed between the feeling sad for him and then being mad.

i wanted to know if anyone else feels the same way.

sorry guys i meant sousuke i guess i just put ryo becuas eit's the first name that xrossed my mind even when i'm thinking of the character
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Just a silly little thing x'D

haha, I recently discovered how seriously much space Asia has in my life, and came to the conclusion that it's pretty much my whole life xD anyway, in handicraft-class we were allowed to do whatever we wanted, and since YamaPi my favourite above all I decided to make him a pillow ;D although it's only for me to use, I wanted to share my work of art.. xD please share your thoughts ne~ <3

(i'm a newbie in posting links, so I made it into a "MF-preview" file.. T__T gomen!)

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mods if this is not allowed.. feel free to delete this ne~

im going on vacation in japan by the end of this year or first months of next year. Im just wondering if there were any NEWS activties by that time that i can catch them in person. Like concerts etc. Or if they have a concert, is there any here who can buy me a concert ticket? Just Pm me so we can talk about how am i going to pay it. Maybe im still there by december and will celebrate the new year there so if NEWS have no concerts when im there, maybe i'll just go watch the countdown. I know it's still too early but my mom is already calculating about the expenses and somebody adviced us that it's better to reserve plane tickets when it's still early. Arigatou. And it's the first time that im going there by myself.. :3
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