May 3rd, 2008

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Transforming Kurosagi Coffee Mug

I was recently lucky enough to acquire the Kurosagi movie mug, which (as the below image shows) goes from black to white when you put hot water in it.

So for anyone who is curious, I've snapped some pics of it doing its stuff in the opposite direction (i,e, cooling down) to just say 'Maido ari'.

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today's wpp... yoroshiku ne X))

Hi all Noichi desu I'm new to this community and JE world XDD
yoroshiku ne~

okay I have created some wallpapers during my free time X)))
mostly its NEWS (and shige, I'm a fan XDDDD),
and res. is 1024x768..

wallpapers in my post are
NEWS (5)
Yamamoto Yusuke
Due le Quartz (Sakito)



 its here in my journal ^___^
Reita Hakama


I've completed part 2 of my project "SUMMER TIME Fashion"!

I've decided to make this a weekly updated project, so please expect new updates on Saturdays and Sundays! Since there are 6 members and 2 events (PV + Heyx3 perf), there are 12 posts for this project. As I've done two, please look forward to it for the next 10 weeks! :D

This week, I've covered Ryo's outfits in the PV! Drop by and take a look here~
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Hi there! I'm new to this group and also to LJ. I've loved NEWS ever since I first became a fan about a month and a half ago (especially Tegoshi) and I just thought I'd say hi, I'm Molly, and I'm a NEWSaholic! 
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