May 4th, 2008


Quick Question - shops in Thailand

Never thought I'd be asking this one day, but what the heck, I might as well do it now or regret it later.

My dad takes periodic leaves to Thailand for work and ends up dragging us there once a year - I only thought to check for a Johnny's Shop anywhere in Bangkok now, after engaging myself with the Golf and Mike fandom a little bit.

I've seen a lot of questions like this answered about shops in HK and Singapore, but after scouring the questions tags, I haven't found any about Thailand (or I must have missed them)

So in simpler terms, Would any of you be aware of any official or unofficial Johnny's shop in Thailand - any place that may sell Johnny's related merchandise? (because assuming Golf and Mike and G.Y.M. were as popular there as they were in Japan, they'd have one too, right?)

Sorry for the noobish question, but I wouldn't want a chance like this to pass me by D:

[this doesn't count as a request, does it? D:]
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In Peru, yesterday News´s fan had Pi´s birthday. We saw ALL!!! News`s PV and the last one Summer Time. All the girls and two boys xDDDD (I can´t believes that they support that) shouted when Yamapi, Ryo, Massu, Kato or Tegoshi appeared xDD. The most Pv shout was in Daite Señorita, i can´t believe it xDDD with all energy xDD

The gifts were Johnnys´s singles: Taiyou no namida-NEWS, keep the Faith-KAT-TUN and Love so sweet-Arashi but my friends and me lost V_V.

We had a really good time!!!

See ya

Henry Lau 3

BC Fans - Meetup!

 Just a reminder to all BC fans in Canada!  There will be a meetup at Metropolis at Metrotown on Saturday, May the 17th! (2pm)

It is hosted by canada_johnnys!  Come and join the comm if you haven't already. ^^

We will be doing the craziest things ever meaning doing random crap 24/7.. including...

We actually have no clue what we're really going to be doing.  So basically, it'll be a do-as-you-go meetup. XD
Maybe we'll go shopping... DDRing... STICKY PICS!! =O


Come and join us on May 17!!

All the info that you need about the meetup is in the comm somewhere. >< Scroll down a bit and you'll probably see it. ^^ 

x-posted a bit.

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Hello ! I'm new to LJ so i'm not too good at it but haha i've been a NEWS fan ever since i watched the Weeek PV ( and fell in love with Tegoshi Yuya ) And after reading Starai's post i thought i'd say hi too !

I did a News wallpaper pretty long ago ( when i first liked NEWS ) so please check it out !

( Here ! )