May 5th, 2008

NEWS Old Shop Photos

do you girls have the bigger version for this? If yes, then please let me know the link or something. I am quite new to NEWS and now been looking for their pics.
Im looking for shige with specs also maybe in weeek? (simply because he looks adorable with that ^^) and NEWS shop photos with kusano and uchi (from kibou yell or something?) Cant find the last one because it's old shop photos. but I want them ><
sorry for bugging *bows*

Shige's latest jweb: Rough report version

Who says that 6 member NEWS will have difficulty adjusting themselves with Uchi (and Kusano)?

Shige talked about Uchi in his latest jweb entry!! He met Uchi at NTV studio during Hokaben shooting!
A super cute entry ♥

Was too incoherent to translate this but here is a rough, report-like form of the jweb: Thanks to daelite's senpai & different Japanese blogs <3
Ricci will translate the full version at shigesuki as soon as she gets the full original text (^^)v

PS: I forgot to post this here yesterday, sorry to those who have seen this repeatedly. Dont mind ne~

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summer time PV

i  watched the summer time pv once again and spotted somethings cute.
 it's regarding to ryop. heehe. because it's image heavy, so i dont think i'll move it here.
if you were to be interested, you may like to take a look here.
maybe you will like to play the pv  again after looking at the screencaps. 
utada blue sakura

Sayaendou Swing Card

I was really suprised and delighted when I was given the BEST card possible for my birthday this weekend; a NEWS Sayaendou ship! My friend (and fellow NEWS-holic) made it especially for the occasion.

The little ship swings about and the whole thing flattens down so you can pop it in an envelope.

I know he worked really hard on it. A bunch of the design was capped from segments of the actual PV and the rest were hand drawn to replicate the ship. It even has the boat's tiny canons.

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