May 6th, 2008

J-music fans of Brisbane, Australia!

</b></a>psychommunity and I have organized a J-music meet up in Brisbane for the 17th of May, everyone is welcome. We're starting off in China Town. The meeting place is Brunswick Station in the Valley at 11:30am, where we can check out the markets, grab some food at Cyber City and check out other various places before heading back to the City. There we can check out all the manga and games shops before going to Karaoke on Adelaide St. Drinking is a possibility after Karaoke, but if we have minors with us, it will not go ahead and as I stated before, all our welcome. It would be good if people could leave a comment just so we can get an idea of how many people are interested. If people would like to do CD swaps or bring burnt discs with Jdramas or Anime, all trading and such is most welcome! Sharing is caring and not all of us have TPG....<.< Should be a good day!! Hope to see alot of you there!! 8D 8D 8D

Participation in Music Station

Hi everyone!! I need your help urgently!!

I'll be flying to Tokyo for one month from 8th May to 7th June, and I got to know that NewS is performing in Music Station on the 9th May.

Does anyone knows how can I apply for ticket for Music Station Live??

Onegaishimasuu~! m(_ _)m

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[request] hot tegoshi & group pictures

im making a new "tattoo" for my phone ((ive had my old one for like 7 months now)) and i need a really hot photo of tegoshi so that i can show the world how much i love him, lol. so any photo or photos that you find tegoshi HOT or just really good looking please send me a link of it here :) thanks!!

a really good group photo of news would be good too :D like where ALL of the members looks good XD i want to put them on the front of my phone (with tegoshi on the back) yeah!

sorry if this post isnt allowed,
thanks for the space.
thanks for your time :Dv
News Tego hot

[Translation] Jwebs: 「Summer Time」 Messages Pt. 1

Hey, since I havent seen anyone post this I thought I would (since I did it for Arashi too XD) post and translate. Recently JE has been making separate like, pages for new singles and albums where there is information and messages from the boys regarding the single/album.

For 「Summer Time」 only Nishikido and Tegoshi have updated so far, but I'll translate the others as they come up, if people want to read them.

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I'm new to this Community

 I've been on KAT-TUN love for so long when I found this NEWS community. So I thought I would share something with you all that I'm sharing with them. My massive icon post. it has NEWS icons that I've made.

NEWS x 5
YamaPi x 10
Keii x 15
Ryo x 10
Shige x 9
Masuda x 5
Tegoshi x 4
KAT-TUN x 16
Kame x 15
Jin x 16
Junnosuke x 27
Koki x 15
Ueda x 15
Nakamaru x 15

the rest can be found HERE @ my LJ