May 10th, 2008

Kusano is now in NY and will stay for 1 year?!

The original source:

I read the chinese translation of this article, so I'll try to translate what it says for those who can't understand Japanese...(like me!)

"The former member of NewS- Kusano Hironori went to New York on 24 April for studying as he idolises Akanishi Jin who can flirt with foreign girls talk with English fluently. Moreover, he'll be attending dancing classes to improve himself, too." And it says Kusano had a farewell party with his friends. (And Jin's name is mentioned again) But only his family were there in the airport on his set-off day.

Some of the familiar articles I found, they said it's just a short-term study but in this, it's 1 year! I don't know what to believe though.. And please don't kill me if this's not true! XD

If this's real, GOOD LUCK MY NOTTI!!! TT______TT

EDIT: According to tezukalove : It's not that he idolizes Akanishi or admired his ability to flirt with foreign girls, but that he is primarily going to study dance and also English while he's there, and he was impressed by Jin's ability to communicate in English in general.

Sorry everyone! The crappy chinese translation had me on. TT________TT
But well we still don't know if Kusano is now studying abroad or not...
News Shige beautiful

[Translation] Jwebs: 「Summer Time」 Messages pt. 2

Sorry for the delay, I've had a lot to do. Here are two more messages from the boys regarding Summer Time, this time Shige and Yamapi. (Koyama's is up but I'm waiting on Massu's).  Tego's and Ryo's are here.

These two didnt use any emoji (emoticons), so its not just that I was lazy, more that they were lazy?

Please read them if you're interested.

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Rumor Yamap new drama?

I came across this news when I was in Baidu

It said that Yamap might have a new Summer dorama with Aragaki Yui and Toda Erika. The drama will be about hospital?


火10 米仓 平冈(番手不明)
木10 山P 新垣 戸田


Yamap as a doctor? What do you guys think?

Summer Time Online

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Just thought of recommending this website for those who wants to purchase NEWS's latest single Summer time. They just stocked on the items. I bet most of you knows about this website. But I couldnt resist showing the website cause they introduced NEWS, out of so many releases, on their J-POP/ENKA weekly music updates. Haha out of so many BUT NEWS. Sorry, haha. 

This website also has a vast collection of all the albums you want to find. News Nippon can be found too! Haha.

A more of your FYI thing. Sorry.

Moreover, limited edition was sold out! OMG! Good sales aite? But sorry to those who were too late. No worries for they will restock it soon! :D

Sorry Mods, i don't how to tag this. :(

Fucking Fierce Taemin Fuck Yeah

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The contents:
Jin wallpaper [1]
Kame wallpaper [1]
Ryo wallpaper [1]
Ueda Wallpaper [1]
Stock + seasonal icons [49]
akameda icons [14]
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Ryo headers [1] (different sizes)
Ueda headers [1] (different sizes)
NEWS headers [3]
Vampire knight [6 random graphics]


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yummy pi

Summer Time Lyrics, Romanji and Japanese (kanji)

ok here's the romanji for Summer time, like the others that I have done, if it's a capital letter and looks like an English word it is ^_^ but if it looks like an English word and it doesn't start with a capital letter than it's a Japanese word and should use the Japanese pronunciation.

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