May 11th, 2008

NEWS JWEB master post

hey guys, its been awhile.

if you didnt know, ive been translating...







*did i miss anything*...

anyway, ive youve missed anything, feel free to drop by. (im slightly behind in koyama's jweb, as well as the summer time news messages, but you guys have probably read those already)


My proud first attempt at making an LJ layout!

I hope I tagged this right!
I'm a lurker, I know, but I just haven't had time to just do anything. I'm not sure this is allowed, but I didn't see anything in the rules stating otherwise, so if it's not allowed, sorry for the trouble and delete it mods!

I never created my own LJ layout from scratch before so I'm really excited about this. I created a Retro Massu layout for my personal journal at shindii_ruiizu that I just created since this journal greenberryhair has been taken over by my icons and wallpapers. LOL Anyway...without further ado, check it out!



Please support NEWS!

Just like many other NEWS fans out there, feel that this time round, NEWS did not really get that many chances to promote their "Summer Time" singles.(Compared to one other group that is set to release their new single). As a result, many also feel that that's the reason why their sales this time is not as good as their previous singles, even though they still top the chart. As I'll be visiting Japan soon (end of May), if there's anyone of you who has not got the "Summer Time" cds yet and interested in getting them, I'm willing to get them for you at the original price, ie 1000yen! You just have to pay for the shipping price! This is the only way I can help to support our beloved NEWS! If you are interested, you can drop me a mail @ Thank you very much!

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Searching for NEWS-fans

Hi, minasan! ^_^
I write this post cos' I want to find NewS fans from Ukraine!
I know that there are some but its almost impossible to find them >.<
But it'll be really interesting to gather in a group and spread News-love all over our country!^^
Or make News fan-club, maybe it already exists thou but I didn't really hear about it -_-
So if you are  from Ukraine, please answer^^
Let's support NEWS and spread their love all over the world!!^_____^

Please delete this post if something is wrong.
샤이니 -&gt; FIVE

Summer Time sales day 4

Some GOOD NEWS (pun so intended~)!
The sales for SUMMER TIME went up for day 4!
Maybe the performance on Music Station made the difference~

The number of copies sold was 12.319

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SUMMER TIME daily sales:

07/05 # 1 - 48.385 copies
08/05 # 1 - 27.797 copies
09/05 # 1 - 11.439 copies
10/05 # 1 - 12.319 copies

TOTAL copies sold: 99.940 x 1.75=174.895

Source: Oricon

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Can't wait for the official numbers for this week.

KAT-TUN / NEWS / Kanjani8 / Arashi French Forum

Hi minna-san !!

Après quelques semaines de dur travail, notre nouveau forum francophone ouvre ses portes !

Il regroupe à la fois KAT-TUN, NEWS, Kanjani8 et Arashi.
Vous y trouverez photos, download, lyrics, j-web....

On espère vous voir venir partager votre passion sur les Johnny's avec nous sur

English version :

After a few weeks of hard work, our new French forum opens its doors!

It is both about KAT-TUN, NEWS, Kanjani8 and Arashi.
You'll find photos, download, lyrics, j-web ....

We hope to see you come and share your passion on Johnny's with us on


NEWS- Summer Time LE Order for Australian Fans!!

Um, I know sale posts are usually posted in another sale post thread but this is like an emergency, or time restraint!

As our fellow members have seen CD Japan has had a second batch of NEWS - SUMMER TIME LE CD
Alot of people have also been offering to do orders to send them out to all the fans!
Since most of them live either in US or other asian countries I found the shipping cost nearly the same as the CD itself. as its shipping to their country and shipping into Australia, and I have to say we are pretty down under!! ^_^

My friend thought maybe we should order some for Australian Fans. As my friend is already ordering some things my proposal is that anyone who lives in AUS perferably Melbourne since I live in Melbourne might want to order with my order through CD Japan. It will count to the Oricon charts so it will help NEWS stay at No. 1!!! Also I know there is a Melbourne Meet Up too so I can give the CD out to member then if they want as well.

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News Russ-K new CM "another version"

I don't know well if I should write it here or not, but I just wanted to show you what I thought when I watched their new longer version of Russ-K cm series!
This is the first time I use a movie software so maybe it hasn't got any good quality or something, but I laughed very much when I was making it!  I used the intro OST of The A team! (I used the spanish version, but the background music is the same, I think!).

And just to say you all are great and I love all the stuff you post here! Let's keep on supporting our lovely News!!![Error: close lj-embed tag without open tag]