May 12th, 2008

Headers yo

I bring more headers, feel free to yoink if you like! But please up load it on your own image host-er thingy. You don't have to credit if you don't want.


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Feel free to request one! I'm always up for making more!
I got the Koyama and Shige pics from scans by boys_paper

Mafuyu no Nagareboshi & SUMMER TIME [karaoke subbed]

Surprise release! I had this song stuck in my head so I again did another one on impulse. There are some surprises inside the video so go look for them. They're pretty obvious, but cute. I hope you guys like it.

(I wish to meet you anywhere)

Also I've waited patiently for the arrival of my cds to do this and it has driven me nuts but here is the summer time PV subbed with the correct lyrics for those of you interested. My karaoke effects still suck but I hope I'm improving. Enjoy.

(summer time, zutto futari de iyou!)

PS: by the request of someone With Me is next to come after finals. ^^
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Osama no Brunch 2008.05.10 NEWS English subtitled

"Osama no Brunch" (10 May, 2008) NEWS interview

Length: 3 mins 44 secs
Size: 34 MB
Starring: NEWS
Highlights: Ryo & Shige blurt out things without thinking! Ryo's outburst makes the interviewer's face go bright red! Shige's outburst makes the interviewer question how well the NEWS members really get on.  Yamapi promises to work on NEWS' teamwork image in the future.

i like yamapi's hair x)

dowload mediafire :
credits :




shige; <3

Also searching for NEWS-fans. o/

Well. First of all, I want to say Happy Birthday to news_jpop. =D
So. I've said it. XD

Anyways, I saw this post from.. sorry, I don't know your name anymore, but you're from Ukraine.
And I was also wondering (I keep wondering this for weeks actually), are there any fans from The Netherlands/Holland here?  I know one fan in my town, valerieexd, but that's because she got to know JE because of me. XD And I know there are some fans here in this county but where exactly?
Valerie and I talked about it when we were shopping and I decided to post something today. ^^ So, are here some Dutch fans? It would be cool if we know each other, right? ^^ And maybe some fan meeting too? Ah, we'll see. ^^

So.. I'm so confusing, aren't I? XD I had a two week holiday! My English speaking capability is going doooown. x'D (That's such a lame excuse.)

I hope I tagged this right. O.o
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Fanarts ~

I'm sorry that my first post is a fanart one ~
I know that some people are not really interested in it so feel free to ignore if you're part of them =3

For the others, every comments (bad or good) are welcomed ^__^
Here you are ~

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Thx for watching =3

Graphics Journal!

So since I've been making a bunch of icons and headers. (Also thinking of making some wallpapers and other such goodies) I figured why not make an LJ to hold them all? It is here at pickan_colour

Requests and what not at that journal are totally allowed, just comment on the last journal entry and I will get your requests done!
PS: I hope I tagged this right.