May 13th, 2008

i'm begging you

Mp4 videos

Mp4 versions of these:
NEWS - SUMMERTIME on Hey! Hey! Hey!
TegoMass - Tomadoi Nagara on Music Station
TegoMass - Chocolate on Shounen Club Premium
Koyama Keiichiro - Private Hearts on Shounen Club 
Tegoshi Yuya - Anniversary and Kanashimi Blue on Shounen Club 


Also taking requests for other videos. Also mp4 format. :D

Quick question

I've seen the answer to this somewhere but I can't seem to find it, so hopefully somebody kind can help me out quickly ^^

When did NEWS' name change from NewS to NEWS? (like between which singles/events?)
...and while I'm at it, was there a particular reason?

Thank you!
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I hope this is revelant enough =X.

I'm looking for a translator who's able to understand japanese and translate it into english ^_^...basically, I need a translator for subbing and I should have asked this a long time ago because i want to sub =D and yet I really don't want to deal with fansubbing groups as of yet because I kind of want to go my i was waiting for school to end.

So, I don't have any specific clips in mind yet, but I will probably work all over the place. This means, k8, kat-tun, news, and possibly hey say. I won't force you to translate anything you don't want to though ^_^.

The period of time we'll be working together will be indefinite, that is, unless you want to quit ^_^...
yummy pi

Easy Come, Easy Go Lyrics Romanji and Japanese (kanji)

Like all the others No translation just romanji and Japanese.  Also if a word looks like English but does not start with a capital letter than it is not English and therefore should be pronounce the Japanese way.  All words that look like English words and start with a capital letter are English.
Collapse )

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Note: all my lyrics are from the booklets that came with the CDs so the Japanese version is correct and written the exact same as in the book, the Romanji might have a few typos/mistakes that just happen when typing but I've double checked multipul times so hopefully there are no mistakes lol.

Feel free to take them and post somewhere else (just give me credit cause I did work hard on these) and feel free to translate them too ^_^ credit for orginal souce would be nice if you translate it ^_^
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Quick question

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting here!

I don't know if I have missed this or something, but I really want  to know.

Has the full song of Ai Ai Gasa came out? o.O

I only have the TV size from the anime, and I really want to hear the whole song if it has came out  ^______^ 

I have the answer now, I'm very grateful for all your comments, really, THANKS n.n