May 15th, 2008


Late Pi Birthday icons <3

made some icons a while ago, 23 are birthday themed~

1x alice nine: saga
1x alice nine: nao
1x d-boys: seto koji
2x death note: L
1x Gackt
1x Johnny's: Ikuta toma
1x Miavi
1x NEWS: Koyama keichiro
1x NEWS: Koyama x Massuda
1x NEWS: yamashita tomohisa

1x sug
1x sug:takeru
2x the gazette: aoi
1x the gazette: reita
1x the gazette: ruki

23 ==> Yamashita Tomohisa icons
24 ==> Mizushima Hiro icons

ALL can be found over H E R E @worthless_art 
Pearl Red Balloon

NewS Icons

Because my best friend needed to go off the phone early, I made some NewS icons. :3

Tegoshi Yuya - 6
Nishikido Ryo - 2
Yamashita Tomohisa - 2
Shigeaki Kato - 2
Masuda Takahisa - 1
Koyama Keichiro - 2
Pairs - 3 (RyoPi, TegoMass, TegoPi)


The rest are found here at my LJ. Check it out yo!

Johnny's Entertainment Karaoke - Ai Nante

Our journal is made for Johnny's Entertainment karaoke.
You can enter our play with writing a comment under our post.

We'll post a title of one song that we want you to sing. (example: NEWS - Summer Time.)
All people that want's to join the singing has to tell us who's parts they want to take. (example: Tegoshi)
You have to record your singing and send it in a private message. Take your time, we'll wait till you'll done with it.
If all member's of the band parts will be taken and recorded we will put your voices together into one song.
At the end we'll make a pool which song was sang the best.

Jya~~ let's all J.E fans have fun.

Have you any questions?
Write in a private message.

First song that we want to hear from you is Ai Nante - NEWS.
3 parts to take (Tegoshi Yuya, Nishikido Ryo or Shigeaki Kato) and first 3 people which will write a comment under that post will get one part that they want.

Join , ne!.

things to do in Japan

Hey minna :o) 
I'm going to Tokyo in early June, i hope i can get a lot of Johnny's stuff and probably ( ^___^''') get to see NEWS or any other of the johnny's people in person !?! haha, anyway, just hoping to ask if anyone knows where the shops for JE stuff are, and what activities or events i could probably be able to go to ( like SC????) , please help!!! i really need to make good use of this chance!!!! Arigatou minna!!!


JE Meet Up in San Jose CA: FanimeCon 2008

First of all, sorry for all the cross-posting.

A group of us are planning on meeting up Memorial Day Weekend at Fanime Con to hang out.

I would like to extend the welcome to anyone not already a part of the US JE comm on LJ.

So, if you would like to go, or want to say that you'll also be there, please do come by the main page to let us know!


Thanks and sorry again for the major cross posting (though I doubt it'll be crazy cross posting)
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