May 17th, 2008

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Some Icons

Hello minna! This is my first time to post here.. I've made some icons to share..

Nakamura Yuichi x 4
Arashi x 2
Nino x 1
Ohno x 2
Ohmiya x 1
Miura Haruma x 2
Mizushima Hiro x 4
Koike Teppei x 3

Shige & Masu x 1
Shige x 4
Tego x 2
Koyama x 1
Seto Koji x 3
Katori Shingo x 2
Shirota Yu x 2
Matsuda Shota x 7
Oguri Shun x 2
Yamamoto Yusuke x 3
Ikuta Toma x 1


the rest are here
baka baka baka aho!!!

tegomass "aiai gasa" available on pre-order!!!!

hi guys i just wanted to let you know that tegomass's new single

aiai gasa is now available on pre-order on play-asia

limited edition is $13.90 here =>

normal edition is $9.90 here =>

it will come out on the 18th june!!

enjoy :)

shige SE theme

Hi there I made some Sony Ericsson cellphone theme.... (176x220)

[1] Kato Shigeaki (NEWS) Theme
[1] Miyavi Theme
[1] Takumi (Panic Channel) Theme
[1] Tales of The Abyss couples theme

hope you like it ne =D

(click for bigger preview)

Kato Shigeaki (NEWS) Theme

its here in my journal

gomen ne for x-posting!

TEGOSHI YUYA's Scarf Special PREOrder (Order ends on May26)

TEGOSHI YUYA's Scarf Special PREOrder (Order ends on May26)
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J.E Karaoke Project 3! NEWS- Nippon

We are starting with project number 3 and waiting to get your all records from last songs. ^o^
Next project is NEWS - Nippon , i can say it's pretty hard song to sing, but it may be interesting to hear from you.
If this time you want to take a part of this song write a comment under that post as always and say who's part you want. Here isn't much to sing all alone. More parts are just group. So if you for example are going to choose Shige , you'll only sing refrain , or if Tegoshi you have to do all his yeah's and such ^^

Parts to take:
Yamashita Tomohisa
Moriuchi Takahiro
Uchi Hiroki
Nishikido Ryo
Kusano Hironori
Tegoshi Yuya
Kato Shigeaki
Koyama Keiichiro
Masuda Takahisa

This time we need 9 people, yosh~~a!
Join and take a part ^o^~~ sing with us!

if you'll part will be done, send to us your record in a message!
Arigatou, ne. Let's have fun with this new project!
And if you have any questions, just ask! ^o^