May 19th, 2008

샤이니 -> FIVE

Tegomass on July eps of Shounen Club!

 The July episodes of Shokura will be filmed in Osaka.

Koyama and Nakamaru will host the program.

Cast will be: Kansai Johnny's Jr, Butoukan & Tegomass.

The recording date for the shows will be on June 8.

Further information about the episodes will be available after that date.

SOURCE: NHK Osaka Hall homepage

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Any chance they'll be there to promote Aiaigasa? :D

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NewS - with me [MV] -karaoke subbed-

By the request of </b></a>silver881 I present you with me. I have a thing with pairing people up. If you watch it closely you'll notice both Kei and Shige's parts are from I Za Na Zu Ki; Tegomasu is both from the same performance of sunadokei, and Ryo and Yamapi's are both from solo performances at SC. Well enjoy. ^^

(kokoro hitotsu ni...)

note: next up is either Liar or Baby! Be My Baby! お楽しみに
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A weekly icontest for the Johnny's Entertainment band, TegoMass ♥
Each week a theme will be given and icon makers will have to make an icon related to that theme.
Other members of the community will vote for the best icon there is.
There is a reward :D A pretty banner made by our banner makers~ Are you in? Join us!

We are currently looking for mods and banner makers.

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because, obviously, i have way too much time on my hands...

So today - May 19, 2008 - is my one-year-into-the-JE-fandom anniversary and in celebration, I've decided to make a little JE timeline of sorts.

I'm an extremely sentimental person and I make it a point to note down and remember things that may seem trivial and insignificant to everyone else. I carry a tiny calendar with me everywhere with all occasions - birthdays and appointments, the firsts and even the lasts - marked, and getting into into the JE fandom is no exception. I know you lot probably don't care but I'm doing this anyway because 1) I swear there's gold in here somewhere and; 2) I don't ever want to forget. :D

{ "The online learning experience was a colorful blur of links to pimp posts and 'HOW THE EFF DO YOU TELL THEM APART!?'s and weekly name-that-JE-guy tests. It was tough, but slowly, I found that I was actually capable of learning! *O*" }

TegoMass - Chocolate

I really LoVe JE songs and singing...<3 (well...I LoVe Yamapi more....<3<3<3) XD
wanted to share few my projects with you guys...o(^_^)o
I just finished my project with TegoMassu's Chocolate...I had to make instrumental part on my own using Adobe Audition...I hope that I didn't "rape" that song badly , because I like it a lot...<3
if you wanna hear it you can find link in my journal
please don't laugh much...XD