May 22nd, 2008

akame: delusional?! no no no!

ai ai gasa pv in different formats!! XD

ahaha.. XD
so i was like really crying last night because of ai ai gasa pv..
i was even unable to sleep properly cause i want to listen to it over and over again..
and i also want to watch it as well..
ahaha.. XD

enough of the ranting..
i've converted ai ai gasa into different formats..
although i think many have done this now..
ahaha.. XD

rain god tegomassu definitely is love!!

yuya daisuki!! 

pls comment if you take!!
i'd really appreciate that.. [:
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Hello dear news_jpop members. I have a HUGE request to all of you! <3 It's about winning a trip to Japan! And you all could help me win this trip. All you have to do is to become a member of this page..

It's called BC-Manga and it's a Swedish page mostly about Manga.. I'm currently the 6th from the top, only 6 positions more to go! All I need is your e-mail address.. I'll then send a request to your mail and you'll have to fill in membership information (here's the prob, it's in swedish)
I made a translation so it should be easy to fill in:

See.. I beg all of you.. PLEASE!!
Send me your e-mail addresses!! <3<3<3<3
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CoverGirl Tego...

I couldn't help but do this after watching Ai Ai Gasa. LOL XD

Don't kill me! Tego was too pretty that I couldn't resist :3

I think it was after my fifth time watching the PV that the idea of a CoverGirl ad popped into my head
yay for the girly rain angels! :D

hope you liked it. ^^

EDIT: thank you all for the comments! lol. I love reading them all.  XD

please credit if using! ;3