June 7th, 2008

  • uchihi

(request) Ryo-Tego fancam concert 2006


I have two request:

1. Does anyone has each member official or non official photoshop of NEWS concert 2006? Especially when the RyoTego moment happened (erm...you know, when Ryo thrusted himself to Tego and sing together^^ hehehe)

2. Does anyone have the FANCAM of those RyoTego moment???? The moment I show in my icon.. Huhuh...Please give me the link for download. 

Sorry for being demanding^^

(no subject)

Credit delicatinelity or urideul. Either way is fine.
Textless icons are not bases, so please don't edit them and claim as your own. (Actually, don't edit anything!)
Comment if your taking anything and no hotlinking.

ICONS of: Kim Jaejoong (TVXQ), Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN), Nishikido Ryo (NewS), Yamashita Tomohisa (NewS), Horikita Maki, Erika Toda, Seto Koji, Oguri Shun & SS501
TOTAL: 52 icons


found here @ urideul.
yama ohno sho

Cover <3

hello guyss~
my friend and i did a cover of tegomasu's song , kiss kaerimichi no love song
and i own tegoshi's part
heheh sorry if this is not good enough for you
but we've tried our best!!<3 XD
comments and critiques are LOVE!!!!

yo douzo~