June 9th, 2008


Upcoming Magazine for YAMAPI and TOMA

I'm not familiar with this magazine, but Yamapi and Toma are going to be in the August issue (to be released 7/10) of POPEYE. This caught me by surprise since neither of them blogged about doing a photoshoot together for this magazine. It's the same group that  publishes: Tarzan, Anan, and Boao. I'll keep my eyes open for scans of this issue. Here's a preview of the cover:

Get to know NewS: Shige!

Hi! This is probably my first time posting in this community!

I was reading the comments in the post made by yoko_cho asking for info about Tegoshi for her radio show and learned a litte more about him and found it to be interesting what others thought! 

I don't really know that much about each member of News other than what I've seen about them on music shows and how they act in dramas, so I thought it would be fun to have one of these everyonce in a while till we've got all of the members!

What's cool and different about Shige?!?!?!

Are there any Seattle-dwelling NEWS fans????

My friend and I are trying start a NEWS cover group, and we're recruiting members!!


- You have to be living in Seattle
- You have to be outgoing
- You have to be a complimentary member
- You have to be a good singer
- You have to be somewhat good at dancing
- You have to be FEMALE
- You have to be 10-16 years old
- Last but definitely not least you have to love NEWS!!

I know this is a longshot, but we need people!! We've already posted on two other sites, and now we're just waiting for replies!
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10/31, an AU Asian ent. RP

They call it "The Game."

Once every few decades, when the full moon rises on the night of Halloween, a door between dimensions may be accessed—a door whose opening or closing determines the fate of the world as we know it. At this time, those select individuals who play the Game gather at a predetermined site to either hold the doors closed or help to open them. Should the Closers, those who are satisfied the world as it is, win, everything remains unchanged until the next game rolls around; if the Openers (who may dislike the current world, yearn for a change, or are simply curious) are triumphant, it is said that the world will be recreated, possibly causing the destruction of mankind.

Throughout the month of October, the Players take sides, form alliances, make deals, and even kill off members of the opposition to tip the scale in their favor, all while completing the numerous preparations required for the final night of the month.

Based on the novel A Night in the Lonesome October by Roger Zelazny, 10/31 is an AU RPG open to all members of the Asian entertainment industry.

userinfo || claims list || mod contact

We've just opened our doors and have very few claims so far!


hello all :) i've never posted in this community before, but my name is Shige. hajimemashita.

i'm sure that this has been discussed before, but does anyone know if any of the NEWS members (besides Yamapi [he quit, right?], Ryo, and Kei-chan) smoke? i'm not going to judge them or anything (although i am admittedly disappointed), i'm just merely curious. i have heard someone say that Tego smokes, but i've heard it said quite often that he detests the smell of cigarettes.

anything (especially pics and/or articles) you know would be great. :)

Fucking Fierce Taemin Fuck Yeah

Ryo Picspam♥♥♥

-sighs- i'm breaking my hiatus just to post this for you guys (&& because i didn't want my weekly picspam to be two days late again >_<;;). i spent all day picture hunting XD even though my finals are tmrw >_> but i'll do fine [hopefully] cuz i've been studying nonstop for days and days && i needed a break anyways. well i won't have very much time to ramble or comment on most of the pics because after i post this i gotta go right back to studying again DD: hope you will enjoy it thoughh~(: (and sorry about my personal rambling. just ignore it if u prefer XD) so THEREFORE...i give to you...
*drumroll please*
the lovely, snarky, sarcastic, amazing sexy osaka mannnnn:D
take whatever pics you want :D but please remember to leave a comment~! :D i want to know if this is actually useful to anyone :DDDD
and and here are the older picspams:
1) jin

Future Picspams:
9)a redo of jin picspam because he only got 40+
10)also possibly a redo of ueda picspam (not sure yet)
11)Tegoshi yuya (as from request)
12) akame (because i just realized how many pics i have of them its quite frightening and also because im pretty sure this was a request~)
14)Ikuta Toma (possibly as from request)

other requests are in consideration. i might not be able to find enough pics of em that easily so they might get delayed.
any requests? feel free to drop me a comment and i'll consider it ^___________^

on to the hotness :DD
expired milk? or yogurt?

some NEWS icons (:

So i've made some icons from the summer time shop photos
thank you to those that scanned them.
I know I got them from two different people
both from this community..
but i'm sorry...i forgot who specifically...
i will definitely credit you if you scanned them..
just leave a comment..
and i'm sorry again....

but anyways..ON TO THE ICONS!


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