June 11th, 2008

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[Request] Finding Ryo's picture

Doumo ^_^ i am currently searching for Ryo-chan's magazine picture where he wears formal suit and glass. Does anyone have it? Or any Ryo-chan's picture with a glass on. If possible, can you upload in photobucket / imageshack or MU link. Hopefully someone responds to my request since I've been doing a new project : fancomic-video. Thank you. =)
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JE Text circle

 Okay I wanted to make this for a long time.... 

It a JE TEXT circle.
Basicaly if you live in America and can text we can give eachother our number and we can start a text circle...

So if one of use finds some new news we can text it to some one and they can text it to some one.... so we all have the news even if we can't get to the internet.

This can help people who's internet goes out... or if you are going on vacation..

I hope we can have it happen.... 

  or a better idea a JE newsletter thru text message.

I can make a group of people and each one of use can send news thru text... 
I dodn't know any ideas..... i want to do somethign like this 

Okay if you want to join here is the LJ i started...

I know texting is not free... but if you have this ablity to text and you want to use it also to get infomation then join....

JE Fashion Don'ts

The Tegomass MV review post that mentioned the fashion mishaps of JE stars garnered quite a number of violent responses so I figured it wouldn't hurt much if we rub some more salt and acid in their stylist's wound just a little bit more.

I'll be busy for a long while so I want to leave you with this special post.

Disclaimer: This is not a personal attack on any of the boys. It's just the Fashion Police talking. And these offenders need to be fined. WARNING. IT IS ADVISABLE TO WEAR SUNGLASSES. THINGS CAN GET MESSY, YOU MIGHT GET BLIND.

Here are the Top 15 JE Fashion Don'ts you wouldn't be caught dead wearing.

15 - Sentai rangers. Go, go power rangers!!

Oh wait. I mean Hikaru Genji. The group that started it all. We all know that 80's was an era of bad fashion - because of them. Here they are channeling MC hammer with a hint of Vanilla ice-ice-baby.

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Only in Japan! Top Ten TV shows


A lot of people asked me to share some of my other posts so I hope it's okay if I put this up. It's quite related to the previous JE one (because our boys are here), though there are others who requested the female fashion disaster post, I'm not sure if it's okay for me to post it hereXOXO So here goes...

From the witty, brilliant and moving to the wacky, hilarious and to the extremely grotesque – Japanese television has it all. Here is yet another list of top ten random observations seen and heard from music, talk and variety shows we all love to hate, and hate to love. Don’t change the channel!

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