June 13th, 2008

  • starai

Download NEWS Songs [[FREE]]

Ok, so my friend sent me a link to this esnips user's page and it is amazing. She has 18 pages of NEWS songs to download (many of which are live from concerts or radio shows.) There are also interviews, solos, and songs sung by NEWS members + members from other JE groups. (you can also just listen to the songs without downloading. I hope you all enjoy this site as much as I do! (My ipod has now been news-ified hehheh)


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(no subject)

Hey guys! I'm bored, so I decided I'll start taking requests for making icons/signatures for LJ or anywhere really. Just pm me with the following information.

Member/members you want on your icon
What you want written on it (if you don't know, just tell me whether or not you want your name/the members name on it)
What your favorite color is

That's all I need to know ^^ your not required to use the icon if you don't like it either, and it's free so don't worry!