June 18th, 2008

Fucking Fierce Taemin Fuck Yeah

Batch #3--locked in a week so join if you want to access this after a week.

+must credit to me or the comm if taking.
+dont steal && claim as your own
+read the RULES before taking
+must comment before taking
+enjoy them(:

10 icons (1 NEWS and 9 KAT-TUN)
12 Super Junior icons
12 Stock/Scenery Icons
5 Headers
5 Lovebars
12 Wallpapers

3 Extra Vampire Knight Wallpapers~

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clickie here! :D graphics la la laa~

[CLOSED] Quick order for Nobuta wo Produce and My Boss My Hero iron-on patches

Because someone was asking me for the NwP patches and my supplier still has the mould I thought I'd put it up for order again to see if anyone's interested!

Details for ordering the Nobuta wo Produce + Photo of Patch Collapse )

Details for ordering the My Boss My Hero Patch now with photo of the actual patch Collapse )

Payment details for both patches Collapse )

Convert videos to 3gp vids for phone

hi~ ^^

i know sometime ago.. well.. a few months ago.... there's a girl who posted here of 3gp videos for phones and there was this really HQ Taiyou no Namida - NewS on MS.

ahah well. girl can u appear again? haha i want ur help xD LOL! or does anyone know how to convert vids but keep the vid HQ too? (please help before saturday >< im going away to Italy for a holiday with the school and i need some fandom with me to watch on the plane) xD

i've used sites to convert a few vids bt its really LQ on my phone..><so.. help please? =P

Thanks ^^

Question answered ^^v YAY =D