June 19th, 2008

Project: Fanwall

Okay, so I've come up with an idea for a little project!!  And anybody who wants to join in is welcome to as well!!  Here's the idea:

So, everyone has like a ton a ton of pics on their computers right??  And everyone wants posters of our JE boys, but we're either poor, or can't find any, or we have no room.   Now, also, I'm sure we all have some forever favourites, as well as some momentary faves, ne??  

So I thought of a good way to have all our pretty boys up on our walls, as well as keep track of our little phases!!  This is Project: Fanwall!!

Anybody interested should follow the link below to my lj.  I hope a lot of you want to join!!

(clicky me.)



Hi this is my first post and I have a question about Pi's JWEB. I usually get my daily translations from Zephy's site, but lately nothing has been posted (probably because of other priorities). Can anyone give me another site or place that translates Pi's Jweb? Thanks!
SS501, by me

[NEWS doujinshi] NEWS Desu!! chapter 2 (Eng trans)

I'm back ~ xD.

NEWS desu!! ch.02
by Nekoyama Miyao
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MU Link || MF Link

Note: I really really love this scene, I don't know how to describe my feeling. Sorry for my skilless. ( _ _ ;) Argh~ I try my best ( _ _ ;)
LOVE LOVE <3 Maybe I'll support UchiMass pair <3.

Have a good day, everybody.
P/s: Hehe, I'm glad I'm on time. Today. Kurosagi'll be aired in Thailand.  (why I can't go to Thailand on today )