June 24th, 2008

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Hawaii visits

Hello, I have a question ~

As we all know, NEWS has visited Hawaii plenty of times before (and Yamapi loves it there :P). I live in Hawaii, so I'm very happy about it, but also a bit sad because I could've seen them in person (I especially want to meet Pi as he's my favorite xD).

So I want to ask if anyone knows all the times they have visited Hawaii (I only know that they came in Jan. of this year) and any future plans of visiting. My friend is also confused if they recently came or not, so I'm also wondering the filming date of the RUSS-K commercials that were in Hawaii.

Thanks in advanced!
Sho hope

I spent enough time on it, so may as well share.

I made a sort of NEWS pimp post for a friend of mine in my journal, so I figured I'd share it with anyone who might be interested. Tons of videos, mostly YT. Lots of my favorite performances and clips. A lot of these most people have seen, but no harm in seeing them again, right? No dl's though. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it~

I don't know how to make a fake LJ cut, so I won't. XD