July 6th, 2008

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Code Blue Episode 1 ScreenCaps [Pi - centric]

.: this is my 1st time to share screencaps.. hopefully, they are not too bad.. my screencaps are mostly centered on Yamapi (except for some group shots & maybe some mistake on my part as i flail while capping) anyways.. basically, all body parts.. (hand, lips, eyes.. etc) that i may have captured are all Yamapi's.. >_< since this was centered on Yamapi.. i don't think there'll be spoilers regarding the story of the drama itself :.

Title: Code Blue
Episode: 1
Image Size: 1280 x 720
Total: 303 images

(previews have been resized to fit layout.. i hope)

more previews & download links can be found here


Spanish language sorry ^^;;

Hola! pues quiero invitar a todos los fans de NEWS en xico a formar parte del primer fanclub que se está construyendo dedicado a ellos ^^!
Espero que les interese unirse y participar activamente para lograr que más personas en nuestro país los conozcan poco a poco :D!
Click en la imágen para ir al foro ( aún esta en construcción pero falta poco para su inaguración ^o^ )

Seventeen  »  Soonyoung

Icon nomination-awarding community!

Uhm, yeah. XD; I don't have a spiffy banner right now, but I'd like to ask you guys to join je_nomination! It's an icon-awarding community wherein fans nominate their most favorite icons throughout the fandom. :) More information in the profile.

We've just started with the first round nominations, so please join!


Please pimp us, as well! XD

Graphic Post~

I bring you friends Banners and Icons!

FO Banners
[1] Tackey & Tsubasa
[3] Tegoshi+Masuda+Koyama

[6] Tackey
[1] Tsubasa
[2] Tegoshi
[3] Yamapi
[1] Koyama
[1] Ryo,Uchi+Kusano Winter Concert 2005.(Thanks quin_tessen_ce )
{If this icon isn't allowed, Just tell me and I'll remove it immediately)

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Comparison! :0

To all Filipino and NOT-Filipino Ryo fans out there, I have FINALLY realized that there is a Ryo amongst the Filipino nation. Yes, I'm THAT much a dunce to have noticed it only now. D':

This goes mostly out to the not-Filipino fans because they NEED to know, not unless they already do, or he's internationally known, I dunno. XD; Filipinos might as well agree with me on this one, right? :'D

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Yes? Or no? A debate within the comments would be nice. 8D

[sharing] NEWS J-web translation

** Please let me know if this is not allowed.

Hi! Hi! It's me again, Nutty.
I usually post a lot about selling NEWS stuff,
but not this time...hehehe...

NEWS J-web Translation

Just stop by to share some messages from NEWS members.
I have started translating J-web entries from JE's Members over at my LJ.
My resources of the messages are from www.kenboard.com in Thai, so all the credit will go to this place.
There are tons of messages for NEWS group, but I only translated a few so far.
It will probably take me about ages to catch up with the current one.
I will try my best anyway..^^..
So...please stop by sometime.


There are 2 posts up at my LJ already.
The first one was from Shige mentioned about his new J-web section.
The other one is from all members talking about 'Summer Time' before release.