July 15th, 2008

Toki Doki Spring '07

[Report] Shige's Solo: Konnan Yatte Mimashita

Just got back from Shige's solo show!! I was lucky enough to get opening day and second row!!

The Goods
There weren't a lot of goods so the line went fast. There are 2 sets of postcards, a photo album, the pamphlet and a poster. The poster was epic.
Special Note: If you got a J-web ticket, you get a free clear file!

Before the show
The set was like a city with a koban (police box) and toilet on the left and a bench on the right. In middle was a giant screen outlined with light bulbs and the background had some city scape. About 10 minutes before the show was set to begin, Shige came on the mic from backstage and talked for a bit. He pretended not to know the name of his show and of course, told us to turn off our cell phones.

The Show!
Basically it was set up like a bunch of short skits with hilarious video clips in between as transition. Some were funny, some were touching. It was a good mix. In semi-correct order: 1. Fallen Items 2. Photos 3. Rakugo 3.5 Short Film (Prequel to #4) 4. Trapped in a Toilet 5. Kizuna 6. Orange Petals
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MC: Shige did a very short MC about turning 21 and how the staff gave him stuff backstage today. Then we sang "Happy Birthday" to him, which was organized by one of the girls in the audience. He seems so surprised and happy!!

That's all I can remember! Of course this report isn't perfect and so LONG!!

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Are you FOR or AGAINST Fanservice?

"Fanservice" has become a very familiar, widely used word in the dictionary of JPOP entertainment, in the same way as the words"fangirl" and "fandom" are heard in practically every conversation. Kinda makes you wonder what else can people affix with the word "fan."

Well, fanservice is not known so much as word, but is more understood really when it is seen or watched "in action." But for a change, let's take some time off just watching and look at it in a different light.

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ryo chan


Title: 5 reaction Tatsuya has to Ryo’s BOAO pictures in response to shangrilove  's entry of TATSUYA-THON PROMPTS.
Character: RyoDa (Nishikido Ryo/ Tatsuya Ueda)
Rating: R
Genre: Cracks
Disclaimer: not mine, I own the plot and the screencaps XD~
Dedication: dephi  (oh how much i love you dear, muahahha XD and please cheer p or i'll smack u! XP)
Note: Thanks to larva_zax  for helping me with this kind of stuff. And L-chan too! =)

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Code Blue Episode 2 ScreenCaps [Pi - centric]

.: here i am again with screencaps from Code Blue Episode 2 centered on Yamapi.. hopefully they aren't as bad since i was flailing over Yamapi's hotness as i was doing this.. XD :.

Title: Code Blue
Episode: 2
Image Size: 1280 x 720
Total: 168 images

(previews have been resized to fit layout..)

~There are only a few previews this time coz my connection is acting up.. sorry.. T_T ~

.,. clickie for more Dr. Pi previews & DL link.,.

ai ai gasa (fancover)

i know i've posted my fancovers here before and wasn't planning on posting ever again. i really didn't wanna do this but my evil dongsaeng marga kept on bugging me the whole day to post this, she just won't leave me alone *cries* i'm really sorry, you might be getting tired of me, but i want her to stop pestering me -_-


omg nadz+marga wtf don't murder ai ai gasa!
(i did tegoshi's, she did massu's)

ok, i'm gonna hide now >_<