July 23rd, 2008



Sorry Spanish post ^^U

Hola a todas las fanas de la musica coreana y japonesa!! venimos a invitarlas a una comunidad de LJ de habla hispana (: con informacion, traducciones, descargas y demas :D! entre los muchos grupos se encuentra TVXQ, SuJu, NEWS, KAT-TUN y muchos mas <33
ojala les interese unirse (: </a></b></a>jktown 

gracias :D!   
English translation: 

To all spanish speaking fans in love with corean and japanese music! we come over to invite you to a comunity in LJ spakeing spanish with information, translations, downloads y much more! in between the bands that we are going to post there are SHINee, TVXQ, NEWS, SuJu, KAT-TUN and much more.
hope you would like to join us (: jktown 

If you are not spanish speaking but still would like to join <3 you are free to join us and come over to see what we got. 

thanks a lot

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Yay! Massu icons!<3 I made Massu a whole bunch of icons because, he's so cute. ;D Im biased, so what. Haha, but I'll make it up to the other members by making more icons. B) But Massu will always have the most. Kekeke. >:D I meant to make around 20 icons, like I did with the Shige and Tegoshi ones, but when I saw the picspam, I couldnt help but make much more! :D Anyways, here you go~ Oh btw, some of these are 100x101, or 100x99. But most of these are 100x100, I promise! (:


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流星の絆 / ryusei no kizuna

hope i`m not spamming the community but tokyograph released some more details on 『流星の絆』.

"The mystery novel "Ryusei no Kizuna," written by popular author Keigo Higashino, is being turned into a television drama series this fall. The show will star Kazunari Ninomiya, Ryo Nishikido, and Erika Toda, with Kankuro Kudo penning the script.

Ninomiya, Nishikido, and Toda play three siblings whose parents were murdered when they were children. After being deceived later on in life, they bonded together as a team of swindlers, stealing money from the rich. One day, they find a man whom they believe is their parents' killer, and they start planning to take their revenge.

Ninomiya is taking the lead as the oldest sibling, Koichi. Nishikido plays the younger brother Taisuke, while Toda plays the sister Shizuna. Tomokazu Miura has also been announced as a cast member.

TBS will air the drama on Friday nights at 10:00pm, starting in October.

credit: tokyograph

first post first photo editing.


this is my first time posting in this community. haaas.
took some courage & all to do this ^_^
anw, its my first time editing pichas & i thought i should share it with u guys.
some normal editing did there, soo yah :D

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