July 26th, 2008

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~TeGoMaSSu LoVe..~

 hi...here I post some song of tegomassu,not the new one (gomenasai..)...Yesterday,I uploaded this song for my Lj,but i dont want the link to be wasted..So,i decide to post it here...for mods, if I make another mistake @ mistagged,You can delete it Since this is my Final trial to post to this community...

3 SONGS...

1) Miso Soup

2)Hajimete No Asa

3)Ai Ai Gasa

( Fly To My Lj...)
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Tegoshi Icons + Request

HELLO~! I like these kinds of picture, so I made icons out of them. :D Some are 100x99 but the rest are 100x100. Douzo~


oh and i have a request, does anyone have other pictures like these?:

I have massu's, tegoshi's, and shige's, and I really want the rest to make more icons. Onegaishimasu~

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Are there some fan from Switzerland?????

This is my first post in this community. I saw somebody ask if there was Johnny’s fan in her country. I try to do the same.

I want to know if there are Johnny’s or News fan in Switzerland.

Sometimes I have the feeling that Swiss is so small and that nobody know Japan or Johnny’s. But I’m sure there are a lot of fans in German part or Italian part. (I live in French part).

I created this forum if you are interested but you can just leave a comment too. I just want to know if there are some fans ^^

to the forum

Thank you and sorry for my English '^^

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    News - Ai Nante
ueda; smiley!

jdrama_rp - a brand new je role play!

Tokyo. An enormous city with approximately twelve million faces. And a select few had such a lucky fate as to be immersed in the celebirty world. Some live it. Some document it. Some make the impossible possible. Some destory dreams. And of course, Japanese entertainment wouldn't be as special as it is without the television dramas. It's a busy world, working in the studios, preping the actors...even being the actors. With scripts to memorize, costumes to design, scenes to plan, and a constant hunt for juicy details of celebrity life, will anyone really survive unscathed?

claims page - we need just about everything! it's je based but not really limited. can be actors/actresses who have starred with je people. and in any case, it's brand new and so come join! ^_^!