July 29th, 2008

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Starstruck Boys is an Asian Entertainment RP.
The theme of this game is "host club".
In this RP, your character can either be a host or a civilian. Hosts work for a company and work hard to rise in rank... or not. Civilians live in the host club areas and are in some way related to the clubs or hosts themselves.

Though the title features the name "boys", girls are also included in this RP.

Starting August 12, 2008.
Just click the picture link if you'd like to read the rules/story and apply.


Feel free to ask any questions. `^.^
Claims List.


Hi minna,hope you are all fine enjoying Summer Time,because KeiiChan is always on my mind I made        K-Chan  wallies.


aaaaaa~so so sleepy I am right now.It's 7:45 and I didn't sleep at all,hope you like it ^_^

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Hello minna-san! ^^ Please help me a little bit!

I'm a big NEWS fan girl from Hungary. I would like to translate Yamapi's nikki on my blog. But unfortunatelly, I can't speak japanese, only english. So I'll translate it from english into hungarian. Please tell me, who translate his nikki into english from the beginning? Or the most previously? I know, he's got more than 1800 entries now... :)

Thank you very much for helping! And I'm sorry for my childish english. ^^
Ja ne!


So I found some shiny new fonts and fiddled away with them.
Small headers this time, only 500x250
Requests are welcomed and can be made at my graphics journal: pickan_colour
If you like them, lemme know!
You don't have to credit, but please don't hotlink, it makes this little graphics bunny sad.

Headers of:

Collapse )
sad bear

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Kei's NEWSのParty Time radio program became KちゃんNEWS in 2005.04.04.
It was a biweekly program inside Recomen...

But, when started NEWS no Party time? anybody have any idea?

The first program I have with Kei is from 2005.01.24 but know when it started would be a great help since I'm trying to collect all Kchan NEWS and also NEWS no Party time.

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