August 3rd, 2008

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Sekai no Hate Made ItteQ!! 2007年4月20日 (raw ^^v)

It's an old clip but I like it..
and want to share with everybody
enjoy it.. ^-^v
This is the picspams:

bonus: MIYADi Jones!! XD

and, this is the link:
Uploaded by: me (rimizu or tegomi) ^^v

Don't forget to join those parts with hj split..
PS: It's not all of the video, only the beginning and Miyagawa's Part
next time I'll post the other part..

dr. pi

Code Blue Episode 5 ScreenCaps [Pi - centric]

.: I've done some screencaps of Code Blue Episode 5 centered on Yamapi.. This time the caps have some spoilers though.. Yamapi as always, is such a cool doctor.. Hope you enjoy! ^^,V :.

Title: Code Blue
Episode: 5
Image Size: 1280 x 720
Total: 332 images

(previews have been resized to fit layout..)

clickie for more previews & DL link
infinite ♠ she's back

RUSS-K Website Update :D

RUSS-K updated their website today, since the new autumn 2008 collection campaign started today.
And, the media gallery now features an autumn graphic :D/

I think the clothes (and the boys, of course :3) look really good :D/ and I finally realized why the ad in the SEVENTEEN magazine featured 2 images (1 upside-down). XD; The clothes are actually reversible ^^ (as you can see on the home page on the RUSS-K site. XD
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JE Meet up at Otakon!

Otakon is this weekend So I would like to invite everyone who is going to come to the JE meetup!

It'll be on Friday at 7pm in the sharp street lobby by the big pirate ship. After the meetup I know I am going over the the Jdrama panel, so I would like others to come to that too! Many of our JE boys will be talked about during that (or atleast some of the dramas they have been in)

In order to make the meet up a little more fun if you want you can bring any magazines, Uchiwa's, shop photos or anything else to fangirl over! I'll be bringing some of my magazines.

I'll be cosplaying Kato Shigeaki (his Happy Music costume) and I think one or two other people will be cosplaying as JE boys as well.

I hope to see some of you there!