August 4th, 2008

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Okay, well some time ago i said i wanted to start a BBS for NEWS but want to be comfirmed that our messages will be read by them before i go ahead and start. I have run into many dead ends with contacting johnny's/NEWS. Let me know if anyone can help. Or if you guys have any suggestions how i can do this. ..It doesn't seem all impossible..there still some gaps. We could have someone leave a message a Kei chan ramen shop or mail to one of their radio shows LOL but still.. there should be something better than that. I really want to get things done before i don't have time so if really turns out i can't get any help i can go on with my RL. 

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policy background on EMS helicopters

Hi, I'm new here and saw many awesome contributions.♥ Here's my first attempt to reciprocate for die-hard Yamapi fans -  Japanese government policy background on EMS helicopters - in line with Code Blue and based on some research I did here and there.


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[sales] august - sales masterpost.

Any and all sales for August sales should be posted here!

★ Your subject should contain the item(s) you're selling. An few examples of this would be NEWS - Summer Time RE single, TegoMasu - Ai Ai Gasa LE single, TV GUIDE magazine (issue number goes here), Duet September 2008 NEWS clippings, etc, etc.
★ Your comment should include relevant details about your item(s), alongside a way to get in contact with you, such as your email or a link to your LJ.
★ If you have a new item(s) to be sold, but already have posted a comment to the sales post, please reply to your original comment (using the same format for the original) with the new item(s) details.
★ If your item(s) has been sold, reply to your original comment with 'SOLD', 'NO LONGER AVAILABLE', 'CLOSED' or anything similar to those in the subject.
★ To keep up with the latest sales on this post, you should track this entry! You'll be notified with an email if there's any new comments~

Any sales posts after this post will be deleted immediately unless they fall under the exceptions.

(A little late this month, it totally slipped my mind! Sorry!)

San Japan

Hello~ I was wondering if anyone in Texas (specifically San Antionio) is going to the San Japan 1.5 convention  on August 8-10. I wouldn't consider it a meet-up but if you would like to meetup between other people besides us then please feel free to. If you want to know what me and my friend yuki_2_yume are going to do at the convention we are attempting to cosplay as Tegomass's Ai Ai Gasa. It's "attempted" because we pretty much did everything last minute. (lol shame on us) I can't guarantee that we will be there for all three days. Please comment here if you are going so we will know who to stalk look for. lol Thats pretty much it. oh, and if i tagged it wrong, please go ahead and tell me~! Oops, I almost forgot. here's the link!