August 6th, 2008

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1st of all i'm sorry if i'm not up to date.
but i'm just wondering what are NEWS doing right now.
i know P is busy wif code blue n ryo will be in an autumn drama.
n i don't know exactly what he is doing right now but i bet koyama are pretty busy.
but what r the others doing?

and..r there any further projects for NEWS?
like new single/album/con.?
i know their dvd will be out this month..but the con was like a few month ago.

and yeah..i'm sorry if i've been in the blue n didn't notice anything.

[Wallpapers] 1280x800 & 1280x960

Simple, almost-textless desktop wallpapers to share here. Fit for 1280x800 and 1280x960 screen resolutions.

[ 6 ] Group
[ 1 ] Ryo

Like this:

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* I don't own any of the scans I used for making these wallpapers.
* I don't own any of the text I used for making these wallpapers.
* If you feel that some of these are too bare, I won't mind if you tweak them. Add your own text, change the contrast and brightness, etc. if you like! :)
* Comments would be nice too. :D
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Quick question~

Sorry if this isn't allowed here, or if it has been asked/answered before and i missed it completely,
but does anyone know when the full version of Kataomoi no Chiisana Koi by Tegomasu is going to be released? Or if it has been already?
Please and thankyou 8D <3
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New mixing songs

I made a mixed song...a random japanese songs..^^, it's sounded pretty fast, and i made this when i was a lil bored with reality world, so maybe it didn't turn up Quite good....gomen..>__<,, but if u wanna have it, just take it..^^,, but please credit me..^^

p.s. if there's anyone wanna wome ringtone or mixing songs, just tell me~..^^ i'm sorry if this is tagged wrong cos i'm a lil confused to tag this since this is a fanwork, but not a fanart actually..^^
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question!! where to buy an uchiwa in fukuoka...

i was wondering where i could buy a Koyama uchiwa in fukuoka. i'm asking my friend (who is currently in fukuoka) to buy me one so please give me directions that are simple and easy to remember. is it possible for me to buy a tokyo dome concert uchiwa there? how much do they usually cost? is there a Johnny's Shop there?? (gaaaaaaaaa! i have lots of questions) I hope someone would reply to this soon coz my friend will be leaving on the 11th of August and she only has this weekend to shop coz of their tight schedule. Thanks so much!!