August 8th, 2008

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 just a quick question about koyama...
does he have a older brother?

cuz i went to koyama's ramen place and there was the person working there that kinda sorta looked like him and i was just curious. oh. btw KOYAMAMA is verry pretteh. <333
he&#39;s my type of rockstar ★

Shounen Club on NHK @ PH?

Hello again lovelies~ I am back with another question, hope you guys don't mind. :) You all are awesome, really. You make my life complete. ♥

I recently discovered that I had NHK in my cable (how dumb of me to not have checked earlier, too.), and I remembered that Shounen Club is on that particular channel. Does anyone remember or know the time slots it shows in the said channel in the Philippines? se_jinblue text messaged me last weekend saying that NEWS was on Shounen Club over in NHK (doing a medley), but I happened to already be alseep.

And if possible, are the shows here updated like in Japan?

Again, thank you~ ♥ I owe you all. :)