August 15th, 2008

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It's only a small spazz. But it's Koyama for god sake~!! Who wouldn't want to see a small random Koyama spazz?!

It's just a wallpaper I made of him quite some time ago and an icon of one of  the most adorable confused faces in the world >3<
Everytime I see him pull that face in the Utaban episode where NEWS performed "weeek" I always crack up so bad. It's just too cute LMAO

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I have a wallpaper, made this awhile ago, but feel free to use it.

It's Currently on my LJ.

Problem is, unless your Blogs are transparent, you'll only see the sides. So I advise you get a code.
Otherwise feel free to use it on myspace, and other things.
No Credit Necessary, But I'll take any requests.

Lol mostly towards uchi fan's :)

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johnny's express?

i was wondering if anyone knew if any johnnys were going to come to downtown LA for the nisei week festival this year.
i heard that kattun came at 2005 and it was really hectic so i thought that its not possible for them to theyd never come again my friend went to downtown LA and claimed to have seen a "JOHHNY'S EXPRESS" bus. so it kind of made me curious. she said the bus was yellow with some green but she didnt look very carefully so she doesnt really remember. she probably saw a johnny rockets car or something...anywayy.
i checked the johnnys webpage and it said nothing about nisei week for anybody so i dont think they'll be coming but.....
if anybody knows anything about this could you please comment.
thanks in advance C:
btw. if this post isnt allowed. feel free to delete xp


Tegoshi will be on 24-hr TV!

According to this:

Tegoshi, Becky-san and Miyagawa Daisuke-san from ItteQ will be on 24-hr TV on 31 Aug!

Rough translation of write-up on website:
There are legends about treasure all over Japan... this year, digging up treasure in the northeast may be possible, let's gather the strength of youths to take on the challenge of digging it up!  Dozens of old currency have been dug up before, so the chances of doing so again should be high!  Can they locate the treasure during the show?

Challengers: Tegoshi Yuya (NEWS), Becky, Miyagawa Daisuke