August 19th, 2008

Guh.  Maru.

Roleplayers Wanted!

What if you could have the superhero and fantastical powers you always dreamed of as a kid?

Reizei Academy is an AU Johnny’s Entertainment roleplay. It takes the popular setting of a boarding school and combines it with it’s own fantasy twist, making for a fun and unique plot. Each student has one thing in common; a power bestowed to them at birth, unique to each boy. So if you ever wanted to make Yamapi read minds or have Jin control fire, now is your chance! It’s kinda like super heroes… without the saving the world part.

The Reizei Academy LJ community was formerly located at reizei_rpg. The RPG has undergone some renovations and is now located at our new, shiny forum, so come and join the fun! There's plenty of Johnny's left for you to apply for.

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dr. pi

Code Blue Episode 7 ScreenCaps [Pi - centric]

Here are some Code Blue Ep 7 screencaps.. as usual, they are centered on Yamapi.. I ended up with only a few screencaps than usual.. oh well.. As always, he is so cool as a doctor.. I love how he plays his character.. Anyways.. Download link is way at the end of the previews.. I posted these a bit late but I hope you enjoy them! ^^,V  :.

Title: Code Blue
Episode: 7
Image Size: 1280 x 720
Total:  163 images

(previews have been resized to fit layout..)


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