September 8th, 2008

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Lately, I have seen a lot of people do special icon batches featuring different celebrities, so I decided to hop onto the bandwagon and do a special batch too :P . This is my first batch and there might be more specials to come (if I'm not too lazy lol). This batch features Yamapi from NEWS. Enjoy :) !

Special thanks to boojjong for her amazing coloring tutorial!


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Raccoon Crossing

This might be kinda random...XD But, my friend went to Japan sometime this summer or maybe it was last summer, and she took a picture of this sign:

It says something along the lines of a warning because TANUKI may cross here...TANUKI being Japanese raccoons.

And, it reminded me of the first episode of Domoto Kyoudai NEWS appeared on, where the members were supposed to say something that they're proud of, of where they come from. Kusano talks about Raccoons appearing, and there being a sign that says they might appear.

I'm not sure if this post is allowed, cuz it is so random, but, yeah to show proof the sign of the sort actually exists...

Request video!

Hey guys, ive been looking for this video for about 11 months or so now, and this is the first time stupid me has desided it would be intelligent to ask ¬¬

anyway, i SO want to see the video where some NewS members disguise as kinder garden kids, and keii-chan as a girl! Its not the ya ya yah episode where they have to guess what object it is, and then they cosplay, though they do dress as kinder gardeners, this is not the one im looking for, but i assume its from ya ya yah too.

ive found this giff to use as refference, but im so sorry, i don't know who did it:

so, if somebody knows where can i download or watch it, PLEASE tell me so, id really appreciate it :-)