September 12th, 2008

baka baka baka aho!!!

Happy Birthday [Limited Edition] still available on pre-order!!!

guys , just wanted to let you know that play-asia still has news " happy birhtday" limited edition on pre-order!!!!

since there is already a rip of the new single , if you want a copy of the le , you can still preorder it!!

the limited at 9.90 us$

the regular version is also 9.90us$

ain't that good news ... lol

p.s. : for those who loves yasuko to kenji , tokio' single "amagasa" is also available on play-asia ( regular and limited)

so if you interested go here ( regular is 11.90 us$ and limited are 13.90 us $)

enjoy :)

oops , sorry , my bad i was confused with tokio's cd!! gomen!!! thanks for letting me know ;)

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[01-16] Arashi
[16-19] Aiba & Yokoyama Yu
[20-27] NEWS
[28-28] Toma
[29-42] Hana Yori Dango
[43-43] Inoue Mao
[44-45] Ueno Juri;Nodame Cantabile
[46-49] Miyazaki Aoi
[50-54] Ueto Aya
[55-58] Shirota Yuu
[59-60] Yamamoto Yuusuke
[61-62] Akanishi Jin
[63-64] Aoi Yuu
[65-68] Alexis Bledel
[69-70] William Moseley & Anna Poppewell


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Fuji TV updated the official website and the outline of the special was clarified.
This is a sequel of the regular drama that can be a spoiler of the final episode, that please be careful if you haven't watched the final episode and willing not to be spoiled. :)

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I've been very inspired lately after making a new layout for myself, that I made two more and decided to share them with you guys. if you guys enjoy it and i recieve good feedback, i'll make more :)
please take a look.


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Kose's Happy Bath Day for international residents

I'm not selling them but...

For people that don't live in the Asia area... has Kose's Happy Bath Day products on sale.  They ship internationally, I just ordered a bunch of stuff from them and they can shipped it all the day to USA too since their company is in Hong Kong.  So, this is for those who aren't in the East Asia area.

Hope this is legal for this community. Post will be gone within a week.

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