September 15th, 2008



I made a index with links to (almost) all the johnnys subbed videos. It's here.
The index is only a list of links to the fansubers' original entries. With proper credits.

I'm kind of new here, so... Yoroshiku ^^

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animanga;     Amatsuki 55 icons
★ Code Geass (Lloyd-centric) 24 icons
jmusic;         Kato Shigeaki 18 icons
                           ★ MYV 11 icons
★ YUI 6 icons
video games; Super Smash Brothers: Brawl 6 icons


36 icons + 4 (weird) banners to celebrate NEWS's 5th Anniversary

Hello people!!!

As you all probably know, it's NEWS's 5th anniversary TODAY~~
To celebrate this i've made a set of 36 icons and 4 banners (3 Friends Only + 1 "normal"):

[10] Koyama
[1] KoyaShige
[5] Massu
[5] Ryo
[9] Shige
[4] Tegoshi
[2] Yamapi



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Kurosagi Ratings

Just in case anyone is interested:

Kurosagi is coming out in S'pore this week, so a few magazines have already came out with ratings.I just browsed through them, so only brief points that I vaguely remember here

8 Days gave it 2/5 stars

-Show isn't very interesting.
-Not much character development.
-Yamapi may be dubbed Japan's sexiest man alive, but he fails to display charisma here.

I Weekly gave it 3/5

-The writer is a fan of Japanese dramas, and I think Kurosagi too, but she felt disappointed with the movie.
-Also, again, not much character development. She was hoping to see more scenes with Yamapi and Maki too.
-The movie should have continued with the storyline from the drama.
-Unless you have watched the drama, you might not like this movie.

If I made any mistakes, please inform! All these came from my memory.
Amanda Tapping

Color coded lyrics

Hi, it's me again. I guess I've been quite active today. I've been lurking here, lol, and there are so many goodies and so many entries that I'll never get through all of them. You guys, the NEWS fandom, are amazing and so vigilant and so up-to-date and AWESOME:)
Minna-san arigatou ne! :D
Anywho, I'm sharing again, because I feel I need to contribute. Maybe someone has done this already, but I did some color coding for three of my favorite NEWS songs: "Snow Express, "Yume no Kazu Dake," and "Dreams." Also, maybe you already know, but I want to advertise purplduskvii, because she has most NEWS song color coded:)
But here are my fake cuts to my additions~douzo
Basu wa tomaranai, kyaku wa bokutachi dake...
Yume no kazu dake, ai ga umarete...
I realize, I feel dreams...