September 16th, 2008


hello hello everyone!
it is my first time posting, and i just wanted to say hi!! *wave* =D
i've been just watching this community for awhile,
but ive finally decided to actually become a part of it! hehe

i'm not sure how all this introduction stuff goes, but
i love newS, and i love yamapi. as do millions of other girls, ne? ^O^
anyhow.... uhmm.. yes
i'm sorry if most people find this to be a meaningless post but....
just wanted to introduce myself!

tonari_ko DESSSSUUU
<(^O^ )>*
dr. pi

Code Blue Episode 11 (Final) ScreenCaps [Pi - centric]

Here are screencaps of the last episode of Code Blue, still centered on Yamapi.. There are probably lots of spoilers in case you haven't watched this yet.. Screencaps also include the closing credits. I am going to miss watching this drama.. mT.Tm  i hope you enjoy! ^^,V :.

Here are the screencaps for the previous episodes for those who want it:

Episode 01         Episode 02
Episode 03         Episode 04
Episode 05         Episode 06
Episode 07         Episode 08
Episode 09         Episode 10

Title: Code Blue
Episode: 11
Image Size: 1280 x 720
Total: 217 images

(previews have been resized to fit layout..)

..clickie for more previews & DL link..

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Color of Member NEWS

I watched PACIFIC Con. DVD and noticed color of microphone

I'm not sure but I got remember Shige as green but in DVD he as grey so I noticed all.

Then I saw Tego as violet and Ryochan as yellow not yellow ranger but it's lighter.

Yamapi, I saw orange. Koyama and Massu as green and blue too.

Yamapi= Orange
Ryo       = Light Yellow
Tegoshi= Violet
Koyama = Green
Shige     (May be) Grey
Massu    = Blue


I just suspect so ask to all. Did you see it like me? and How long they changed color?

So I just wanna know for information : )

Thank you for your answer&opinion <33 


sou and marius

Ryusei no Kizuna Cast on Tokyo Friend Park 2

I've checked the website for TFP2 and found here the application instructions for the recording I guess

Can anybody tell me if 22/9 is the airing or recording date? (using an online translator didn't help)

It's the recording date ^^ thank you shinn89 

I TOTALLY love TFP2 and can't wait to see Ryo and Nino in game XDDD
(And guessing from the number of the participanting cast it will be a 2 hour special but don't quote me on that)
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[Advertisement] wasurenaisa layout contest!

*posted with permission from the moderators

Hi, everyone! I'm one of the moderators (and founders) for wasurenaisa. I'm somehow half a month late in posting this, but I'd like to invite everyone to wasurenaisa's LAYOUT CONTEST!

It's like je_awards, newspeas_awards, yamapi_awards, etc... But since wasurenaisa is a fanfiction community, I doubt that there are any graphic makers. So, once again, I'd like to invite everyone who creates layouts and/or headers to come and join the fun! It's going to be fun, I tell you! MAKE ME SOUND CONVINCING. XD;

Anyway, although I don't really have enough for a grand prize (i.e., more icon space, paid account, etc) yet, the community will be using your layout for six months with full credit and even advertisement rights in the community (just for the layout, okay!) plus a banner made by me (which isn't really helping luring you in, right?). Soon enough (and I'll take note of your usernames), you'll just receive a 3 months-paid account (+icon space) sometime next year if you win first prize.

I can't promise the 3 months-paid account (+icon space) yet because, well, I don't have the money yet. XD For the point of this endless rambles:


Yamapi Speaks English

Aloha Minna,

This is me again and for some reason this post seems to be related to my previous post, but this was never intended.
let's move on to the topic it is about Yamapi's English again. To make it clear no offense is intended I'm a dedicated Pi lover and I'll never ever try to make fun of my sweet Pi~chan. I have always liked his tone of voice whether he is speaking or singing. listening to his voice takes my breathes away .
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layouts/icons/wallpapers ♥

wow i have been posting a lot recently :\ well i'll be leaving for college this weekend, so i won't have as much time right? well this post his humongous! layouts, wallpapers, AND icons. haha yea well that's what you get for making and recycling layouts. what i mean is that i made layouts and then turned the banners into wallpapers and last minute, i realized it would be a good idea to make matching icons! (笑) so here it is.





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